34 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS October 2021 www.hpmag.co.uk Enerpac hydraulic levelling and fixation systems are being used by Smulders and T&I contractor DEME Offshore for installation of 80 GE Haliade 150-6MW turbines at the Saint-Nazaire Offshore Wind Project in the Loire-Atlantique region in coastal France. The Enerpac system allows accurate levelling and fixation of the transition pieces on the monopile foundation. Grouted connections are widely used in offshore wind turbine construction to transfer multiple loads from the transition piece (TP) fitted on top of the monopile foundation (MP). The transition piece is first lowered onto the monopile and levelled. It is then grouted into position to fix the transition piece to the monopile. Levelling is important to ensure the turbine will generate maximum yield. The levelling uses 12 pre-installed Enerpac 150 Ton aluminium hydraulic cylinders inside the TP such that the cylinders rest on the MP. By adjusting the spring return cylinders precise levelling of the TP is achieved, even if the MP was not completely level in the first place. Once levelled, the 25 Ton steel fixation cylinders positioned subsea at the bottom of the TP are activated to hold the TP in position during completion of the grouting process. Both sets of cylinders are optimised regarding capacity and stroke needed for TP levelling and fixation. In addition, the subsea fixation cylinders feature a reinforced return spring that eliminates the risk of point load and contact corrosion with the monopile. “Enerpac cylinders are a robust and proven solution for the levelling and fixation of TPs,” says Patrick Frencken, key account manager North West Europe, Enerpac. “We delivered the cylinders and hoses to Smulders in Belgium where the TPs were being assembled in all TP’s ready for installation. DEME Offshore then transported the TPs by barge to the project site in France. A great example of a well-managed collaborative project.” www.enerpac.com Enerpac TP levelling and fixation systems for Saint-Nazaire Offshore Wind Project MP Filtri’s state-of-the-art LPA3 particle counter is now available for use with phosphate esters and aggressive fluids. The new ‘aggressive fluids’ edition can now be used with Skydrol1 and HyJet2 and has been upgraded for industry with specialist seals, a new internal architecture, and a new firmware suite. Featuring innovative optical and photodiode technology providing complete 8 channel measurement, the LPA3 delivers an accurate and comprehensive hydraulic health check - while its real-time monitoring and proactive maintenance technology safeguards machinery, enhances performance and productivity, and reduces unplanned downtime. Key features include: Fully portable at just 10kg - enabling operators in all industries to enjoy the functionality of the lab even when out in the field. A programmable 10.1” full colour capacitive touch-screen display with no need for a stylus Greater storage capacity -results from up to 4000 tests retained in memory Robust and durable co-polymer body case Sophisticated yet simple to use software developed in-house specifically for the LPA3 Multi-lingual support Instant results download via USB Long-life lithium-ion battery Optional thermal printer Accuracy to ± 1/2 code for 4, 6, 14 m(c) Designed for professionals, the new LPA3 features a comprehensive range of reporting formats, so wherever an operator is working and whatever standards used, the LPA3 has it covered. Reporting standards include: ISO 4406; NAS 1638; AS4059 (various); GBT14039; GJB420B and more. The LPA3 can also be personalised for peak performance with operators able to tailor: sample volumes, flush sizes and the number of tests run consecutively. The LPA3 is capable of completing the 100ml sample test in around one minute. The LPA3 will soon be enhanced with a 2021 version of MP Filtri’s LPA View software platform, which is currently in development, offering a modern interface and detailed trend analysis, helping operators pinpoint risks of particle contamination and act immediately, reducing unplanned maintenance and costs. 1 Skydrol is a trademark of Solutia Inc 2 HyJet is a trademark of Exxon Mobil Corporation www.mpfiltri.co.uk HYDRAULICS Transition pieces for the Saint-Nazaire Offshore Wind Project being loaded on a barge at the production facility of Smulders in Hoboken Belgium. MP Filtri launches aggressive fluids edition portable particle counter