INDUSTRY RECOGNISED COURSES FROM THE BFPA NOT KNOWING IS NOT AN OPTION The BFPA have for many years been passionate about raising standards within the fluid power market and industry as a whole, with this objective in mind we have created a suite of valuable training courses now available. HOSE ASSEMBLY SKILLS COURSE The skills course will take the candidate through the many techniques and considerations essential for the safe production of a quality hose assembly and ultimately leading to installation. This two day course involves both the theoretical and practical elements in working with hose and connectors. SMALL BORE TUBING INTEGRITY COURSE Delegates are offered a valuable understanding of the complexity surrounding small bore tubing and compression fittings. The course covers generic manufacturers twin ferrule compression fittings, thread awareness, tube and pipe differences and the preparation process, tube manipulation (bending) principles, common installation and routing techniques. FOUNDATION SAFETY COURSE This course has been developed to provide an introduction into hose, connectors and the safe assembly of these components for industry use. During the day the attendee will gain a knowledge and understanding of safe hose assembly and if applied will only enhance the safety within the hydraulic industry and the attendee. HOSE INTEGRITY, INSPECTION & MANAGEMENT The key themes covered during the one-day course include: hose life expectancy; risk analysis; competence by way of a robust competence assurance system; identify, inspect & record; hose register – recording of a hose assembly prior to it going into service; and visual hose assembly (installation) inspection check list. HYDROSTATIC PROOF PRESSURE TESTING The course will help give the delegate a greater understanding of the dangers associated with pressure testing. During the one day course the delegate will learn how to safely test hose and connector assemblies by taking into account a safe system of work best practice procedure (HSE GS4 document) along with relevant pressure test standards commonly used within industry. For more information about any of our courses or to check availability please visit: www.bfpa.co.uk/training Please call 01608 647900 or email enquiries@bfpa.co.uk Bonomi (UK) Ltd, has introduced an advanced sealing system for valve stems. V-Pack is a PTFE stem sealing system removing the need for an elastomer (HNBR/EPDM/MFQ, FFKM) O-ring, meaning that the valve is suitable for use with a wide range of chemicals. The result is a single valve, suitable for use in many different applications, without having to consider changing the elastomer O-ring stem seals. The removal of the elastomer O-ring stem seal also has the benefit of increasing the temperature range (-40degC to 180degC) of the valve. The performance of V-Pack has been Fugitive Emission Tested in accordance with ISO 15848-1, covering the external leakage of stems and body joints of valves intended Sealing system for valve stems stainless steel. Valve seals play a vital role in minimising the release of toxic, hazardous gases/liquids and volatile compounds into the environment. V-Pack has been tested to SIL3 for applications requiring high levels of risk reduction and is Fire Safe certified to ISO 10497. Jason Hill, sales director, Bonomi (UK) Ltd, says: “V-Pack gives our customers even more options when it comes to selecting the optimal process valve for their application. The V-Pack option now makes a single valve suitable for use with many chemicals, in many applications,” www.bonomi.co.uk for use with volatile air pollutants and hazardous fluids. Tested to SIL3 This new option is available for Bonomi’s Valpres range of wafer, wafer-split, and split-body ball valves in carbon steel and