COMPRESSED AIR ABAC UK www.abacaircompressors.com FLUID POWER PRIMARY FLUID POWER LIMITED www.primaryfp.co.uk AIRLINE ACCESSORIES INDEQUIP www.indequip.co.uk AIRLINE ACCESSORIES WORTHINGTON CREYSSENSAC www.worthington-creysannac.com FILTERS HY-PRO FILTRATION www.hyprofiltration.com LUBRICANTS BTLS – HAYLEY GROUP www.lubricantsupplies.co.uk H&P WEB LOCATOR www.hpmag.co.uk SPOTLIGHT The PLD3 is a coupling used on plumbing systems, which connects the internal-pressure-measurement equipment according to the standard ISO 15171-1 (or SAE J1502). Designed to work at 40 MPa with a burst pressure o f 160 MPa, it is available in one size only (i.e., DN06 = size 1/4), as per the standard ISO 15171-1. Its flat face construction minimises air inclusion and fluid spillage. The PVC protection caps for this series are made of carbon steel coated with a highly resistant trivalent zinc plating. t | +39 039 877451 e | info@dnp.it w | www.dnp.it PLD3: COUPLING USED ON PLUMBING SYSTEMS Obtaini ng low dew point readings used to take some time for the sensor to stabilise and determine whether it was a pass or fail against the ISO 8573 criteria. Not any more. The handheld S520 from SUTO-iTEC GmbH continues its history of innovation by combining its unique and well-proven dual technology sensor with an intelligent algorithm t hat will predict the end value so that the user can see at a glance whether it will be a pass or fail. Traditional features from previous generations like the integral pressure sensor, measuring chamber with parking facility and touch screen display make this the easiest to use solution for dew point audits. e: sales@measuremonitorcontrol.com w: measuremonitorcontrol.com FAS TER PRESSURE DEW POINT MEASUREME NT MEASURE MONITOR CONTROL offers a range of 316L pressure regulators with FDA approved seals and EC1935/2004 MOCA certification. This certification means that the materials have been tested to eliminate any potentially harmful contamination caused by chemical migration from the construction materials into the media and therefore an end product. Low, medium and high pressure regulators are available with this certification such that control pressures can be between 5mbar and up to 200bar with units ranging in size from 1/8” to 2”, suitable for food packaging and shielding gases and beverages with pH >4.5 and <5% alcohol content. Matching certified filter units are also available. e | sales@measuremonitorcontrol.com w | measuremonitorcontrol.com CERTIFIED FOOD SAFE PRESSURE REGULATORS sales@appliedpumps.co.uk Quality, efficient Hydraulic Components for Forestry Machinery that preserve the environment... 01926811395 info@tridenthydraulics.co.uk www.tridenthydraulics.co.uk 2ME VDP08 JEC PG330 ECS MG330 PLUS much more of the best technology and energy solutions!