Hydraulics & Pneumatics June 2022

optimise pump performance. In addition, finite element analysis was undertaken to confirm that the nozzle loads would withstand the desired temperature increase. As a result, the pump is now capable of delivering steam at the higher temperatures required. The seal upgrades ensure it meets the latest specifications. Golds concludes: “We are really pleased with the outcome of the SAGD pump upgrade. It has not only achieved the desired production increase for the customer, but also provided a more sustainable and cost-effective solution than total pump replacement. Using modern engineering and analysis, we have been able to give the existing pump a new lease of life and ensure it will continue to perform well for many more years.” www.celerosft.com 1 Celeros Flow Technology offers lifecycle support for its many heritage pump brands: Allen Gwynnes, David Brown, Girdlestone, Harland, Mather & Platt, Plenty Mirrlees Pumps, Pompes Guinard, S&N Pump, Union Pump, WH Allen, and Weir Pumps, as well as third-party pumps. such a long period of time. More importantly, it gave us confidence that a thorough overhaul could achieve the desired improvement in performance, saving the customer the cost and lost production time that can be associated with sourcing and installing a new unit.” Meeting the latest specifications Celeros Flow Technology overhauled the SAGD pump and performed a mechanical seal upgrade and Plan 23 seal flush to LEFT: The existing heavy oil SAGD pump, pictured before its overhaul by Celeros Flow Technology. Jubilee ® Clips 100 Years of the Finest Hose Clip in the World Tel: +44(0)1634 281200 www.jubileeclips.co.uk www.hpmag.co.uk HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS June 2022 33