Hydraulics & Pneumatics June 2023

www.hpmag.co.uk HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS June 2023 21 designing a compact machine makes clear economic and environmental sense, the need subsequently arises to source a hydraulic hose with a low bend radius in order to be able to install in tight and confined spaces. Although he says engineers should, of course, consider the hose at the time of system design, it is now possible to source a robust, long-life braided hydraulic hose that also offers low bending radius. In turn, machine designers can create more compact units. Covering all bases Beyond long, quantifiable fatigue life and low bending radius, Pozzi comments that OEMs should also seek out a hose with high levels of abrasion resistance, as in many applications it is impossible to avoid contact with other machine elements: “Look for a manufacturer able to offer a range of different cover compounds. If the application is particularly challenging, some of the more advanced cover compounds available today can offer up to several hundred times more abrasion resistance than a hose with a standard rubber cover.” Another important point he makes, is that the selected hose will require validation with the fittings: “Only hoses with approved fittings will provide a safe and reliable assembly. Again, a reputable supplier will be able to offer expert advice.” Further factors influencing hose selection decisions include fluid compatibility. Here, Pozzi says to try and source a hose that is not only highly The one touch push-in con昀guration allows instant tubing connection. Made from NSF & ACS approved nontoxic materials, the smaller 昀ttings feature wider working pressure & temperature ranges for maximum versatility. Available in metric & imperial. For water, food, air, vacuum, liquids, and selected gases. Call Tom Parker Ltd, or request a brochure. Fluid昀t is perfect for water, food & air tube connections Connect & disconnect quickly, easily & reliably & 01772 255109 sales@tom-parker.co.uk REQUEST A BROCHURE cdc1@tom-parker.co.uk suitable for conventional mineral-based hydraulic oils, but also the latest environmentally friendly biodegradable oils. Pillar of support Of course, finding the ideal hose for a specific application is one thing explains Pozzi, but will it come with the required levels of support? It is easy to treat a hydraulic hose as a commodity item, purchased from a catalogue or website, but this will likely come without customer or engineering back-up. A far wiser strategy he says, is to buy from a reputable manufacturer, particularly one that can demonstrate its credentials in R&D investment, engineering innovation and worldwide laboratory resources. Seek out a supplier with global customer and technical support, perhaps even one prepared to develop, manufacture, test and approve a hose (in one size) for a specific application. Not every hose manufacturer has the structure and flexibility to offer such a comprehensive service. Choosing a supplier that works to international standards in production, quality and testing, is another clear benefit in support of hose reliability and safety. A leading hose manufacturer will likely have representatives from its engineering team on the steering committees of standards development agencies. As a further point of note, he highlights that you should always partner with a supplier that can demonstrate continuous improvement and regular investment in the latest hose manufacturing technologies.