Hydraulics & Pneumatics June 2023

HYDRAULICS 26 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS June 2023 www.hpmag.co.uk ! ! !"#$%&!'()*+&!,-".&/0$12& 34.&%5%67%87"&9-4$&2:4,;&& & ! !"#$%&'()*+,)-./,%"'#0)1+2(,3)'"&,#0%4+53)0++'#563)7'$,%4+5)8) $,%59*(,)%11'#0%4+59:);,(99",(9)"1)$+)<=)&%,)6)%5/)'+2)9+"5/:) >%'')"9?)=@A<B)AB=@=A) (C%#'?)9%'(9D%11'#(/1"C19:0+:"E) F#9#$?)222:%11'#(/1"C19:0+:"E) for the full picture visit www.twisterflex.com started with the fixed points of the existing press connections (namely the 13 hydraulic pipe connections) to insure the finished power pack would seamlessly interface within the available space and existing connections. From this point, the overall power pack model was designed to incorporate all required features. While designing the power pack, we gave high priority to future servicing and accessibility. In additional, we specified high quality filtration systems to safeguard the complete hydraulic press and significantly prolong the power pack operational life. In addition to the HPU performance, we also wanted to consider site installation, so designed the power unit to accept a forklift and pump truck to permit easy installation on site and accurately position the unit without the need for an overhead crane. The result: Following the initial design process, the manufacturing aspect of the new hydraulic power pack was completed within the quoted 12 weeks from design sign off. The new power pack now features individual, large pressure gauges installed at operator eye level (previously a single gauge with selector switch was utilised which made it difficult for the operator to have a clear handle on the complete system performance) Utilising a variable displacement, pressure compensating vane pump coupled to a high efficiency electric motor (installed on anti-vibration mounts) means the new power pack will deliver incredibly efficient and low noise performance. The hand built 304 grade stainless steel oil reservoir eliminates any concern over adverse reactions with paint (as per the original), therefore removing the risk of introducing contamination to the system. The complete hydraulic power unit is now set to give many years of efficient and reliable service within the client’s facility. Rob Waygood, contract manager - Avonmouth Engineering commented: “Zeus Hydratech has been instrumental in the provision of vital hydraulic engineering goods and services over the past couple of years. “The company provides us with a rapid, comprehensive, and proactive support package. Recently, Zeus have been manufacturing a bespoke hydraulic pack as part of an ongoing plant improvement initiative. The experience has been excellent and pain free with regular detailed updates.”