Hydraulics & Pneumatics June 2023

INTEGRATED SYSTEMS 32 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS June 2023 www.hpmag.co.uk Improved corrosion resistance, heavy equipment handling and potentially explosive area - all the strict requirements typical of the energy and offshore sector are together combined in mooring systems for oil & gas vessels, for which ex-proof electro hydraulics represents the most widespread solution, meeting all the mentioned requirements, as well as ensuring highperformance controls and simple maintenance. Moorings: a key equipment of oil & gas offshore units Mooring systems are a key equipment of offshore units deployed for petroleum and gas production, as they allow any floating platform to be safely held in position, avoiding risks or potential damages coming from rough sea waves. Spread-mooring, tower systems and turret-type solutions: different executions are available on the market, but they all share the same key features, from the necessity to handle heavy equipment and strong forces – e.g. catenaries or winches – to the strict requirements of the offshore oil & gas sector, such as the need for improved corrosion-resistance, the application of specific international norms and the mandatory use of explosion-proof certified products due to the presence of petroleum and gas. Ex-proof hydraulic systems are therefore the most widespread solution for the actuation of mooring systems, as they meet offshore requirements with long-term operative life, allowing also to perform high-performance motion controls. Ex-proof hydraulics for offshore mooring systems H&P takes a look at Ex-proof hydraulics for offshore mooring systems. Atos ex-proof hydraulics Tower Yoke Mooring System