Hydraulics & Pneumatics June 2023

INTEGRATED SYSTEMS 34 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS June 2023 www.hpmag.co.uk Automation Technology, Inc. (ATI), a leading provider of customised and comprehensive valve automation solutions, has launched its Zero Emission Electro-Hydraulic actuator solution to eliminate the carbon footprint of pipeline operations. The Zero Emission Electro-Hydraulic package provides a comprehensive solution to lower emissions without requiring pipeline gas as the actuator’s primary power supply. Pipeline actuators have previously relied on using the gas from the pipeline as a power source, which is then emitted into the atmosphere. With ATI’s self-contained Zero Emission Electro-Hydraulic solution, the power source is attached to the actuator in a compact suite. Cooper Etheridge, CEO, ATI, said: “The Zero Emission Electro-Hydraulic package is the ideal solution for zero methane and VOC emission requirements for emergency shutdown valves. We are proud to help our customers achieve zero emissions within their operations.” Available in spring-return or doubleacting configurations, the Zero Emission Electro-Hydraulic package can be mounted directly to the valve via flange or custom adaption. The pump, motor, reservoir limit switches, solenoids and positioners are mounted to the actuator. In remote locations where power is not available, ATI provides solar power systems to run the systems required by the customer. ATI also provides a skidmounted hydraulic power unit for larger operations, enabling power for multiple actuators simultaneously. Etheridge added: “ATI provides an environmentally friendly solution for customers to reduce emissions and meet industry regulations. All of our actuators are designed and fully manufactured in Houston, Texas, guaranteeing quality at every step in the process.” Rotork has introduced a compact and robust quarter-turn design to its Skilmatic SI range of self-contained electrohydraulic actuators. The new actuator uses a rack and pinion drive for a torque output of up to 1,000 Nm (737 lbf.ft). The SI range of actuators combine the simplicity of electrical operation with the precision of hydraulic control and the reliability of mechanical spring-return failsafe action. Typical applications for Skilmatic SI actuators include functional safety-related Emergency Shutdown (ESD) inputs and Remotely Operated Shutoff Valve (ROSoV) duties. Robustly constructed for challenging environments, SI actuators deliver a highly reliable means of safety valve positioning and intelligent management. With a wide choice of operating speeds, ESD options with single or dual inputs and partial stroke testing (PST) to meet a wide range of applications. All actuators are available with hazardous area certification and are suitable for use in SIL 2/3 systems. The actuators share the same intelligent features as Rotork’s IQ3 range, including non-intrusive commissioning by means of an intrinsically safe handheld Bluetooth wireless setting tool, performance monitoring and configurable data logging, increased functionality, and enhanced availability of valve and process data for asset management and data analysis. The actuator data logger is capable of storing up to 3000 events. Users can export data logs to Insight 2 or Rotork’s cloud-based Intelligent Asset Management (iAM) system. iAM enables proactive maintenance to help reduce unplanned downtime through advanced analytics of valves/flow control assets and anomaly detection. With Insight 2 software, users can review, configure and analyse actuator setup configuration and data logger information easily and quickly. Offering the flexibility of customisation to suit the application, SI range actuators can be integrated into the majority of digital bus control systems, including Rotork’s Pakscan network, Foundation Fieldbus, DeviceNet, Profibus, Modbus and HART. The SI range delivers quarter-turn torque output up to 200,000 Nm (147,500 lbf.ft) and linear thrust output up to 400 kN (90,000 lbf) that are suitable for valves of virtually any size and design. Rotork enhances the Skilmatic SI range of electro-hydraulic actuators Sustainable actuation solutions with zero emission electro-hydraulic package