Hydraulics & Pneumatics June 2023

www.hpmag.co.uk HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS June 2023 41 Additionally, failure of a hydraulic system could compromise safety mechanisms such as emergency stops, guards, or interlocks. This could pose a significant risk to operators and other personnel working in the facility, potentially leading to accidents or injuries. And finally, downtime might cause the production line to be halted, resulting in financial losses and poor customer relationships. If a hydraulic failure should occur, partnering with a hydraulic hose provider that can deliver a quality but quick service can help minimise these implications. To receive a best-in-class service, technicians should understand the strict regulations governing food manufacturing, fitting hoses that are FDA compliant and made from high purity materials. FDA certification means that the hydraulic hose is made from food grade materials that will not impact the odour or taste of the product and are specifically designed for food and agricultural industries. For example, Pirtek supply a corrugated FDA hose that is ideal for the transfer of oily products in full suction and discharge applications. Not only does it meet the sanitary standards of regulatory bodies such as REACH, ADI, FDA, USDA and 3A, but it is also built on special stainless steel mandrels for perfect cleanliness. Additionally, it is recommended that regular servicing and preventive maintenance is carried out by industry trained technicians to keep machinery and equipment in working order. For further information please visit: https://www.pirtek.co.uk/market-sectors/food-beverage/ +44 (0)1202 478334 uk@polyhose.com www.polyhose.com Manufacturers of Hydraulic, Thermoplastic, PTFE & Industrial Hoses Hydraulic Sewer Jetting Torque/Rescue Paint Spray Gas Chemical Case study A leading UK coffee manufacturer turned to Pirtek to help reduce downtime and increase efficiencies. As the customer operates around the clock, a hydraulic failure could cause significant disruption if it is not attended to rapidly regardless of time of day. One scenario, for example, saw Pirtek technicians called-out to site in the twilight hours to rectify a hydraulic system due to a steel pipe rupturing on the ceiling. While the height for the repair could have caused a challenge, the technician was able to cut and replace the pipe from a hybrid access platform. The job was completed safely and the system was back up and running again quickly. In addition to reactive callouts, Pirtek has also supported the coffee manufacturer with preventive maintenance during planned shutdowns. These shutdowns usually take place a couple of times a year and involve the thorough cleaning of machinery and burners. Taking advantage of closures, Pirtek technicians survey all the hydraulic hoses on site and provide recommendations about which one should be replaced and then carry out the work. No matter the type of job, the technicians always follow strict health and safety rules and regulations and comply with any standards outlined specifically for the food and beverage industry such as wearing the correct PPE. There is minimal disruption to production lines thanks to preventive maintenance and emergency callouts, meaning the business is kept operational at all times. The emergency call outs are then reduced, saving the customer both time and money.