Hydraulics & Pneumatics Magazine July/August 2023

KNOWLEDGE BASE education establishments and teach young people about the benefits of careers in engineering. I’m taking part in the STEM Ambassador program for this very reason. Values are also very important and something businesses should consider. According to Forbes, “The younger generation is vocal and insistent that businesses also take part in important impact, but two-thirds said a job in green energy was appealing. In other words, young people today are demanding jobs that mirror their green values. With this in mind, educators and industrial companies must collaborate to show young people how engineering and technology can positively affect social issues. More accessible roles So, how can industry better inform young people about the positive impact of their business? Let’s use the climate crisis as an example. Energy software, like zenon from COPA-DATA for example, can play a crucial role in helping businesses strive towards net zero. zenon is the de facto standard software used on the UK’s offshore windfarms, including the world’s first ever floating offshore wind facility. Business leaders from other companies need to shout about projects like these to enthuse young people to join their organisation. Young people can find plenty of opportunities in engineering that mirror their own values. Tackling the worldwide shortage of young engineers is crucial for the future of industry — and is essential to save us from another generation of influencers. social causes.” Increasingly, younger people seek purpose in their working lives, and they want to feel they are making a difference by working for companies with values that match their own. For instance, A recent survey by EY found that most young people don’t wish to pursue careers in the oil and gas sector due to its negative environmental Proud distributor of Euroswitch, the leader in sensor design and production PRESSURE LEVEL FLOW TEMPERATURE Engineers Supplying Engineers Sensors worth making a show of sales@pvl.co.uk 01892 66 44 99 pvl.co.uk The leading UK distributor of switches, sensors, valves, meters and gauges.