Hydraulics & Pneumatics November/December 2023

MP Filtri has launched the CML4, its new compact portable contamination monitor, at Agritechnica. Equipped with a metering pump which enables analysis of fluids in both pressurised and unpressurised systems, the CML4 delivers a fast, accurate assessment of contamination and is the perfect solution for the mobile, construction and plant hire sectors. A mobile lab that MP Filtri says excels in the field, the CML4 has been created for portability. It is light and durable at just 8.5kg, features a high-impact internal steel protection cell, and can work all day on a single battery charge. Featuring innovative optical and photodiode technology providing complete 8-channel measurement, the CML4 delivers a fast and accurate assessment of particulate and water contamination in hydraulic fluids, synthetic oils and diesel. Its real-time monitoring enables proactive maintenance technology; safeguards machinery; enhances performance and productivity, and reduces both costs and unplanned downtime. Key features and benefits, include: Perfect for the field: Compact, light and robust the CML4 is designed for the field and can work all day on a single battery charge. The high-resolution display is bright enough for working in direct sunlight. Easy to master: An intuitive interface and straightforward onscreen software means operators can be up and running within minutes. Fast accurate results: Proven LED light obscuration technology delivers accuracy and repeatability. Simple intuitive touch-screen technology ensures access to key results at a glance on the 7” screen. Analysis: Connect www.hpmag.co.uk HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS November/December 2023 23 BOWMAN OIL COOLERS Hydraulic cooling solutions Efficient heat transfer solutions for cooling marine, land-based and underground hydraulic systems. EJ Bowman (Birmingham) Ltd Chester Street, Birmingham B6 4AP, UK Tel: +44 (0) 121 359 5401 Fax: +44 (0) 121 359 7495 Email: sales@ej-bowman.com www.ej-bowman.com BOWMAN® 100 YEARS OF HEAT TRANSFER TECHNOLOGY Premium quality UK manufactured from quality components Comprehensive range Suitable for heat loads up to 1600kW High temperature Models available for temperatures up to 200°C Thermal calculations Available fast from our technical experts Visit our web site: ej-bowman.com or call +44 (0) 121 359 5401 FM38224 the CML4 to MP Filtri’s award-winning CMP View software for advanced trend monitoring and oil analysis. The device can save up to 4000 test results in its memory. Lower costs and increased equipment longevity: As part of a complete contamination control programme, the CML4 can flag up contamination issues before they impact performance – protecting hydraulic systems and reducing both maintenance costs and unplanned downtime. The CML4 can measure contamination in a wide variety of reporting standards, so wherever an operator is working and whatever standards are used, this versatile new contamination monitor has it covered. Reporting standards include: ISO 4406; NAS 1638; AS4059 Rev E Table 1 and 2, Rev F Table 1 and 2; GBT14039; GJB420B; and GOST 17216. MP Filtri UK Ltd Managing Director John Gardner commented: “We are proud to introduce the new CML4. It offers fast, effective and affordable contamination monitoring in a portable package that’s ideal for working in the field. “It can be a game-changer in multiple sectors playing a key role in helping customers develop their own contamination control strategies – saving them time, money and protecting hydraulic systems.” For further information please visit: www.mpfiltri.co.uk Versatile new CML4 contamination monitor launched