Hydraulics & Pneumatics November/December 2023

Parker Hannifin, has unveiled its latest addition to its high-performance range of mobile motors: the low-voltage NX8xHM series. Providing a cost-effective solution for both on and off-road vehicles, the new permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motor is an ideal choice for electrohydraulic pumps used by 48Vdc construction vehicles, such as mini excavators. The motors are also suitable for on-highway truck steering applications and auxiliaries. Among the major benefits of the NX8xHM motor series, which is available for battery voltages from 24Vdc to 96Vdc, is its ease of implementation. The availability of four threaded holes on all sides provides an easy mechanical mounting interface. In addition, the motor is ready to fit via the direct SAE A pumpmounting interface (ISO 3019/2 as an option), while lugs facilitate the easy connection of power cables. The result is a hassle-free installation that minimises both cost and project lead times. Although designed for natural convection cooling at ambient operating temperatures of -40°C to +85°C, it is possible to increase the torque and power performances of the motor simply by adding cold plates to its sides. A PT1000 thermal sensor ensures the highly reliable control of internal temperature, while a membrane breather vent serves to minimise internal condensation. Importantly, the motor’s IP67 ingress protection rating and its capability to work immersed in oil supports reliable and noiseless operation. In terms of precision and repeatability, Sin/Cos speed feedback matches the encoder direction to the direction of the NX8xHM motor. Here, outputting analogue voltages with a sinusoidal shape allows interpolation of the signal to yield higher feedback resolution, which is a benefit for both velocity and feedback loops. “Compared with existing solutions, the new NX8xHM provides an easy-toimplement and cost-effective solution thanks to its mounting options and natural convection cooling”, said Bruno Jouffrey, Mobile Market Manager, EMPD Division, Parker Hannifin. “Furthermore, a rugged design based on proven experience with our GVM [Global Vehicle Motor] series means users of the new motors benefit from longevity and reliability: both prerequisites in the mobile hydraulic machinery market. In combination with our voltage-matched GVI [Global Vehicle Inverter], the NX8xHM provides an easy way to electrify hydraulic pumps in low-voltage, low-power applications, perhaps as a first step on the journey to full vehicle electrification.” The NX8xHM modular motor range is available in three different lengths for a rated torque of up to 61Nm, with up to 10 windings per length supporting optimised efficiency that adapts the speed to the battery voltage. In total, nine standard motors are available in the range offering speeds up to 5000rpm and rated power up to 10.4kW. If none of the models meet exact requirements, other motor performances are available on request. For further information please visit: www.parker.com www.hpmag.co.uk HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS November/December 2023 27 +44 (0)1202 478334 uk@polyhose.com www.polyhose.com Manufacturers of Hydraulic, Thermoplastic, PTFE & Industrial Hoses Hydraulic Sewer Jetting Torque/Rescue Paint Spray Gas Chemical High-performance range of mobile motors provides solution for low-voltage electro-hydraulic pumps