Hydraulics & Pneumatics November/December 2023

www.hpmag.co.uk HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS November/December 2023 31 ! ! !"#$%&!'()*+&!,-".&/0$12& 34.&%5%67%87"&9-4$&2:4,;&& & ! !"#$%&'()*+,)-./,%"'#0)1+2(,3)'"&,#0%4+53)0++'#563)7'$,%4+5)8) $,%59*(,)%11'#0%4+59:);,(99",(9)"1)$+)<=)&%,)6)%5/)'+2)9+"5/:) >%'')"9?)=@A<B)AB=@=A) (C%#'?)9%'(9D%11'#(/1"C19:0+:"E) F#9#$?)222:%11'#(/1"C19:0+:"E) for the full picture visit www.twisterflex.com air systems (designed and manufactured in Italy) have served a wide range of sectors thanks to their versatility and ease of assembly, energy efficiency, and reliability. All this is possible thanks to the company’s commitment to details and design throughout the entire production process: from in-house design to the production of the finished component through a network of selected partner companies. From its headquarters in Desenzano del Garda (Italy), TESEO products are marketed worldwide through an extensive sales network. Patented products, versatile and ideal in many sectors thanks to modularity and aluminium. Another area in which TESEO has distinguished itself is manifolds. The company highlights how its manifold for the distribution of compressed air and other pressurised fluids, which the company designs and supplies on a turnkey basis, is ready to be mounted on the machine. It is robust, light and modern in design, not prone to rust and corrosion and extremely easy to install. The company also offers accessories such as benches and swivel arms for setting up production and assembly lines.