Hydraulics & Pneumatics November/December 2023

MADE IN ITALY AP - MODULAR PIPING SYSTEM Innovative system inspired by the mechanical dovetail joint: durable and easy to install. HBS - HOLLOW BAR SYSTEM In 1988 Teseo Srl invented a market by developing and bringing to market worldwide innovative modular aluminium piping systems for compressed air and technical fluids distribution. Revolutionary systems, carefully designed and manufactured in Italy, designed to be quick to install, durable and efficient over time: all this with a view to economic, energy and environmental sustainability. Since then, Teseo has never stopped inventing and designing products and services tailored to each customer’s needs, also enhancing its range of solutions for the distribution of compressed air and technical fluids, in order to be a solid and reliable partner from the compressor room to the machine or workbench. With the experience and expertise that only the Company that invented the product can provide.  € ‚‚€ƒ „ „†‡„ ˆ ˆ ‚‰‡ „† Š†€‹ „ „†‡„ ˆ Œ‚ ‡„„‡  , ‘Œ, €† ƒ‡€, ƒ„ € †‡Œ’€Œ ˆ „  „† Š† €‹ ERGONOMIC CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS TESEO DROP COLUMNS AM DISTRIBUTION MANIFOLD ATS TRACK AND TROLLEY SYSTEM WBA PRESSURISED WORKBENCHES SAB SWINGING ARMS Reliable and environmentally friendly, it’s the world’s first extruded aluminium hollow bar modular system. Thanks to its easy-to-assemble modules, the whole piping installation can be easily and safely modified or extended at any time. OPTIMISED COST Via degli Oleandri, 1 25015 Desenzano del Garda (BS) ITALY T. +39 030 9150411 www.teseoair.com teseo@teseoair.com „Œ‘‡  ‡ ASME B31.1-B31.3 UNI EN ISO 9001 2014/68/UE EN 13501-1:2007