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www.hpmag.co.uk THE ONLY MANUFACTURER OF PNEUMATIC EQUIPMENT AND LINEAR GUIDES p36 p18 Education takes centre stage at SM&E Week Understanding and mitigating issues with hydraulic hose reels Emerging trends in electro-pneumatic systems p39 April/May 2024

Search and order the right product for your application... and so much more! 25-27 June | Hillhead Quarry | Buxton | Derbyshire | UK @ STAND C13 Empowering Industry with High Quality Fluid Power Components Sheffield Tel: 0114 251 8518 Email: uk.sales@stauff.com Aberdeen Tel: 01224 786166 Email: uk.absales@stauff.com Ireland Tel: 02892 606900 Email: uk.irsales@stauff.com A complete product range of hydraulic quick release couplings from STAUFF consisting of male and female couplings. Made of carbon steel, majority with STAUFF zinc/nickel surface coating, and stainless steel for reliable corrosion protection. Long-standing experience • Extensive range High level of availability • Fast delivery! QUICK RELEASE COUPLINGS QRC COLOUR CODING SCAN ME TO REGISTER Eliminates the risk of confusion when connecting multiple hydraulic lines

Smart technology integration demands digital skills and investment EDITOR’S COMMENT www.hpmag.co.uk HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS April/May 2024 3 “The increasing demand to integrate smart technology into both hydraulic and pneumatic equipment within the manufacturing sector emphasises the pressing need for new digital skills…” ‘ ’ The increasing demand to integrate smart technology into both hydraulic and pneumatic equipment within the manufacturing sector emphasises the pressing need for new digital skills and increased governmental investment and support to help with this technological advancement. Traditionally, these systems have been pivotal in manufacturing processes, but the infusion of smart technology is reshaping their capabilities. Through the incorporation of sensors, actuators, and advanced control systems, smart hydraulic and pneumatic equipment can optimise performance in realtime, leading to enhanced efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and minimised downtime. Predictive maintenance capabilities enable early detection of potential issues, thereby extending equipment lifespan and maximising productivity across both systems. However, fully unlocking the potential of smart hydraulic and pneumatic technology requires substantial investment in digital skills and infrastructure. Manufacturers need proficient employees skilled in data analytics, IoT connectivity, and remote monitoring to effectively leverage these advancements. Moreover, upgrading existing equipment and implementing new digital solutions demands financial support from the government. By allocating funding for training programmes, apprenticeships, research initiatives, and technology adoption grants, the UK government can empower manufacturers to embrace smart hydraulic and pneumatic technology. This investment will not only drive innovation and competitiveness but also create new job opportunities and stimulate economic growth. Looking ahead, Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week 2024 (SM&E Week) at the NEC, Birmingham, on the 5 and 6 of June, will provide a platform to delve into these advancements. Specifically, Air-Tech and Fluid Power & Systems taking place within SM&E Week will address advancements in pneumatic and hydraulic technologies, providing visitors with insights into the latest innovations and trends shaping these crucial components and provide a crucial platform for dialogue, collaboration, and skill development, essential for navigating the evolving advance of smart technology integration in the manufacturing sector. Hydraulics & Pneumatics magazine will be at Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week, so please come and visit us on stand 5-F45/ DAC. Aaron Blutstein Editor

Standards AISI 316 ti Maximum precision Approvals & Norms High availability PH Industrie-Hydraulik GmbH & Co. KG Wuppermannshof 8, 58256 Ennepetal, Germany Tel. +49 (0) 2339 6021, Fax +49 (0) 2339 4501 info@ph-hydraulik.de, www.ph-hydraulik.de Application Hydraulic engineering and shipbuilding Railway technology Offshore technology Machine construction SAFETY FIRST. STAINLESS STEEL CONNECTORS FROM PH. PH catalogue available as app for Android and iPad

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NEWS 8 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS April/May 2024 www.hpmag.co.uk Manufacturers missing out on £10bn investment potential A recent survey conducted by Make UK in collaboration with NatWest has uncovered significant untapped investment potential within the manufacturing sector, highlighting both challenges and opportunities for industry players. The findings suggest that improving financial awareness among manufacturers could lead to a substantial increase in investment, potentially boosting the sector’s overall investment potential by up to a fifth over the next twelve months. According to the report, more than a quarter of companies surveyed indicated that they would increase their investment by up to a fifth if access to finance was improved, while an additional 12% expressed willingness to increase their investment by up to half. Key areas identified for potential investment include capital equipment, automation, energy efficiency, and cybersecurity, all of which are essential for the UK’s long-term productivity and competitiveness. Despite the potential benefits of increased investment, the survey also revealed persistent barriers to finance. Over half of the companies surveyed were unaware of the range of public sources of finance and government schemes tailored towards manufacturers. Economic and political uncertainty, along with the threat of increased costs, further deterred manufacturers from accessing finance in the next two years. Fhaheen Khan, Senior Economist at Make UK, emphasised the critical role of access to finance in driving manufacturing investment. Khan likened access to finance to fuel for manufacturers, essential for continuous investments in capacity and innovation. However, Khan noted that significant investment opportunities were being missed due to a lack of awareness among companies of available finance options. Laura Capper, Head of Manufacturing and Construction at NatWest, echoed Khan’s sentiments, emphasising the importance of finance in supporting manufacturers’ growth, innovation, and sustainability efforts. Capper highlighted the need for greater collaboration between manufacturers, lenders, and other key stakeholders to provide flexible funding solutions and ensure future financial stability. The report estimates that unlocking manufacturers’ investment potential through access to private and public sources of finance could be worth £9.2bn in the next twelve months alone. This would be in addition to the annual investments in capital equipment and research and development (R&D), which amount to £33bn and £19bn, respectively. To address the lack of awareness surrounding finance options, Make UK is calling for the establishment of a centralised database that would signpost both public and private provision. Such a database, supported by nearly half of the companies surveyed, could help streamline access to finance and support manufacturers in their growth ambitions. Steve Warren, Managing Director of Sleepeezee, a UK bed manufacturer, shared his company’s experience of using finance to improve energy efficiency. Warren emphasised the importance of flexibility and access to the right finance at the right time in enabling growth and innovation within the manufacturing sector. As the manufacturing industry seeks to overcome financial barriers and unlock its full potential, collaboration between stakeholders and greater awareness of available finance options will be crucial in driving future investment and growth. Report highlights challenges and opportunities for MRO procurement professionals A recent report by RS, a global provider of industrial product and service solutions, in collaboration with The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS), sheds light on the current landscape for professionals involved in maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) procurement. Titled ‘Maintaining Focus,’ the 2024 Indirect Procurement Report marks the seventh annual survey of its kind, drawing insights from a diverse pool of global participants representing various sectors such as manufacturing, public sector, energy, logistics & retail, transport, defence, and technology. The respondents, ranging from operational to senior and directorial roles, provided valuable perspectives on prevalent challenges and emerging trends in the field. This year’s survey notably saw a substantial increase in participation from the UK and Ireland, with 323 respondents, including a significant number of younger individuals and firsttime participants. Moreover, a higherthan-usual percentage of smaller and

AP - MODULAR PIPING SYSTEM Innovative system inspired by the mechanical dovetail joint: durable and easy to install. HBS - HOLLOW BAR SYSTEM In 1988 Teseo Srl invented a market by developing and bringing to market worldwide innovative modular aluminium piping systems for compressed air and technical fluids distribution. Revolutionary systems, carefully designed and manufactured in Italy, designed to be quick to install, durable and efficient over time: all this with a view to economic, energy and environmental sustainability. Since then, Teseo has never stopped inventing and designing products and services tailored to each customer’s needs, also enhancing its range of solutions for the distribution of compressed air and technical fluids, in order to be a solid and reliable partner from the compressor room to the machine or workbench. With the experience and expertise that only the Company that invented the product can provide. modular aluminium piping systems for fluid power distribution. systems for compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen, gas and technical fluids distribution. ERGONOMIC CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS TESEO DROP COLUMNS AM DISTRIBUTION MANIFOLD ATS TRACK AND TROLLEY SYSTEM WBA PRESSURISED WORKBENCHES SAB SWINGING ARMS Reliable and environmentally friendly, it’s the world’s first extruded aluminium hollow bar modular system. Thanks to its easy-to-assemble modules, the whole piping installation can be easily and safely modified or extended at any time. OPTIMISED COST discover more ASME B31.1-B31.3 UNI EN ISO 9001 2014/68/UE EN 13501-1:2007 MADE IN ITALY COME TO VISIT US 5 - 6 JUNE 2024 HALL 5 - STAND A30 NEC | BIRMINGHAM

10 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS April/May 2024 www.hpmag.co.uk NEWS Pennine Pneumatics Services (PPS) has achieved a triple ISO certification that recognises its dedication to continual improvement and drive for excellence for its customers, employees and community. The triple certification includes ISO 9001 Quality management systems, ISO 14001 Environmental management systems and ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems. Globally recognised, ISO standards help consumers find products and services that are safe, reliable and high quality. For businesses, they provide frameworks in focus areas to drive continual improvement. For PPS this certification shows it is committed to delivering consistent quality in all goods and services, that it is taking control of its environmental impact and is actively managing its waste and resource efficiency, as well as a clear commitment to worker wellbeing. Commented Matt O’Connor, PPS Managing Director commented: “Our certification is in three key subject areas of our business; quality, the environment and health and safety. It is recognition of our commitment to following best practice in these areas. The ISO standards keep us on our toes and ensure we are actively managing our systems for continual improvement. “The industries we work in, we have a duty to ensure the environmental footprint is understood and can be actively managed and to help customers achieve environmental and sustainable goals. “This has been a significant project for our teams across every branch and department of PPS, the certification is testament to every individuals hard work in delivering this”. PPS will now be subject to annual reassessments to ensure it maintains the high standards it has committed to through the ISO certifications. This gives PPS customers peace of mind in the goods and services they receive and keeps everyone within PPS committed to its goals around its environmental impact and health and safety in the workplace. medium-sized enterprises contributed to the survey, enriching its breadth and depth. Key themes that emerged from the survey underscored the enduring challenges faced by MRO procurement professionals, including talent attraction, adverse macroeconomic conditions, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns, and technological advancements. Among the top challenges cited were the imperative to ensure sustainable and ethical procurement practices, enhance asset performance, and navigate reduced operational budgets. Pressures related to inventory cost reduction and the escalation of indirect material expenses, such as MRO supplies, also featured prominently. Emma Botfield, managing director for the UK & Ireland at RS, expressed optimism regarding the heightened engagement of procurement professionals in addressing critical business issues, particularly amidst financial pressures. Botfield emphasised the enduring commitment to the ESG agenda among firms, noting the pivotal role of procurement teams in translating intentions into actionable strategies. The survey revealed a noteworthy willingness among respondents to invest in more sustainable products, with 82% indicating a readiness to pay a premium. Helen Alder, head of knowledge and learning development at CIPS, interpreted this as a positive shift towards long-term thinking, albeit amidst persistent pressure to deliver cost savings and navigate shortterm upheavals. Despite the commendable strides towards sustainability, procurement professionals face multifaceted challenges, including the management of aging assets and risks associated with counterfeit products. Botfield stressed the importance of fostering robust relationships across the organisation, particularly with engineering teams, to identify and prioritise investment needs effectively. Effective supplier management emerged as a linchpin for procurement success, necessitating a re-evaluation of supplier portfolios and enhanced communication strategies. Botfield highlighted the complexity of these issues and underscored the value of trusted partnerships in navigating them effectively. The report paints a nuanced picture of the MRO procurement landscape, highlighting both challenges and opportunities for professionals in the field. The full 2024 Indirect Procurement report can be found at: https://uk.rsonline.com/web/content/m/indirectprocurement-report Triple ISO certification recognises continual improvement and drive for excellence Dan Royle (Head of Operations), Yvonne Gianoncelli (Senior Office Administrator), Matt O’Connor (Managing Director)

NEWS 12 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS April/May 2024 www.hpmag.co.uk TCAS is celebrating three decades of innovation and growth. The company has navigated the market for compressed air during the last 30 years becoming a pivotal player in compressed air for industries such as manufacturing, dairy, automotive, and intralogistics. From its modest origins in 1994 operating in a 1000ft2 unit with a lone Industry experts convened at The National Manufacturing Summit 2024 held at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry, UK, to address the need of a comprehensive skills strategy to keep pace with innovation in the manufacturing sector. The summit, which took place on the 14th of March, brought together leaders from the UK’s advanced manufacturing industry to deliberate on the future workforce needs. Discussions centred on addressing the ongoing labour shortage and devising strategies to upskill the existing workforce. Among the prominent organisations represented were the MTC, Lloyds Bank, Dell Technologies, Drone Major, Data Shack, Epicor, and Schneider Electric. The event attracted over 400 stakeholders and manufacturing experts in attendance, with an additional 6000 participants engaging online throughout the day. Central to the deliberations was the role of automation in complementing the future workforce and the importance of preparing employees now to seamlessly adopt future technologies, thereby ensuring that the next generation of engineers possesses the requisite skills. A noteworthy aspect of the summit was the involvement of schools from Coventry and Warwickshire, with 45 students aged 14-17 given the opportunity to participate in the discussions and tour the Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre (AMTC). Additionally, attendees, including students, had the chance to meet Richard Browning, founder of Gravity Industries, and witness first-hand the company’s technology, alongside the latest advancements in drone technologies. Dr. Graham Hoare, CEO of MTC, remarked on the Government’s Advanced Manufacturing Plan as a positive step towards fostering innovation in the sector. However, he emphasised the urgent need for the workforce to adapt to the rapidly changing technological landscape. Dr. Hoare stressed the importance of both training a new generation of workers and upskilling and reskilling the existing workforce to meet the evolving demands of the industry. He called for industry leaders to collaborate with academia and relevant training providers to outline a comprehensive strategy in this regard. The National Manufacturing Summit, an annual event launched in 2021, serves as a platform for UK manufacturers to exchange best practices, knowledge, and strategic insights. TCAS celebrates 30 years in compressed air solutions staff member, TCAS has undergone significant growth, culminating in a relocation to new premises in 2019. With a 13 strong team of industry professionals, TCAS remains committed to ensuring the seamless operation of compressed air systems for its diverse customers. Through a diverse array of services and products, TCAS has cemented its reputation as a reliable partner for clients seeking tailored solutions. From compressors to turnkey project management, the company’s offerings have evolved to meet the evolving needs of the industry. Looking forward, TCAS is poised for further expansion, with plans to bolster its sales team and service division. Additionally, the company is set to launch a new web shop (with the ability to buy over 10,000 products online), providing customers with convenient access to a comprehensive range of products. As TCAS commemorates its 30th anniversary milestone, co-founder Dave Murray reflected on the journey so far, acknowledging the dedication of the company’s staff and the loyalty of its customers. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, TCAS remains committed to leading the way in the compressed air industry for years to come. Experts urge for comprehensive skills strategy at National Manufacturing Summit

To view our full product range and services, visit www.flowtech.co.uk Think Flowtech. Think Differently. Everything we do at Flowtech is focused on keeping business moving whether that’s supplying a product or designing and building a complex engineered solution. Pneumatics Instrumentation, Measurement & Test Hydraulics Process & Filtration Pumps & Valves Industrial & General Maintenance

14 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS April/May 2024 www.hpmag.co.uk NEWS The British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA) recently hosted its annual Pump Industry Awards presentation at St George’s Park in Staffordshire. With a notable increase in submissions across eight categories, this year’s event showcased outstanding entries from various sectors within pump manufacturing and distribution. The evening underscored achievements in business and professional standards within the industry. Martin Bayfield, former England and British & Irish Lions rugby player, provided entertainment, underscoring the return to in-person gatherings. The event fostered networking opportunities, reinforcing the significance of personal connections within the sector. Dale Croker, Managing Director of KSB in the UK and BPMA President, opened the ceremony by commending finalists for their contributions to innovation, skills development, and service delivery. He highlighted BPMA’s role in advocating for regulatory frameworks conducive to operational efficiency and environmental sustainability. Wayne Rose, BPMA Director and CEO, expressed satisfaction with the event’s engagement, emphasising its role in recognising industry achievements. He praised the quality of submissions and reiterated the importance of the awards in supporting the pump sector. Bob Tichband, Chief Operating Officer at SPP Pumps, a long-standing supporter of BPMA, echoed this sentiment, emphasising the association’s support for UK pump manufacturers. SPP Pumps received the prestigious ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ award for the second consecutive year and the ‘Rising Star’ accolade for employee Ben Warren. The winners of the eight categories, recognising achievements up to December 2023, were announced as follows: Product of the Year: CREST PUMPS – Assoma AVF-C Pump Project of the Year: KSB and Cornish Metals – South Crofty Tin Mine Environmental Contribution of the Year: BEDFORD PUMPS – Indonesia Flood Mitigation Project Manufacturer of the Year: SPP Pumps Distributor of the Year: Anglo Pumps Supplier of the Year: EMiR Software Contribution to Skills & Training: JOHN CRANE – DISCOVER Graduate Engineers Programme Rising Star Award: Ben Warren – SPP PUMPS Additionally, a charitable donation was made to WaterAid, reflecting the industry’s commitment to social responsibility. across industries. By providing access to cutting-edge technologies, reducing the costs associated with producing digital twins, and fostering the development of necessary skills, the Centre seeks to drive industry’s embrace of digital twins. Additionally, it will serve as a collaborative space for industry, academia, and the public sector. The Centre’s industrial partners will lead the charge by delivering six initial use cases to showcase the transformative potential of digital twins in the maritime, aerospace, and defense sectors. Deborah Colville, appointed as the Centre’s director, hailed the announcement as a pivotal moment in unlocking the realworld value of digital twins for the UK. She emphasised the Centre’s role in providing businesses nationwide with the expertise, technology, and resources needed to leverage digital twins, ultimately driving down design and manufacturing costs, facilitating the achievement of net-zero targets, and enhancing global competitiveness. A substantial portion of the Centre’s funding, £15 million, will be provided by the Belfast Region City Deal to support core research and capacity building efforts. This investment aligns with the region’s objectives of fostering innovation and digital capabilities, boosting productivity, advancing net-zero goals, and creating high-quality jobs. Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Chris Heaton-Harris, hailed the ambitious project as an opportunity for collaboration and acceleration of Belfast’s burgeoning digital sector. He underscored the UK Government’s commitment to supporting the project through its £350 million investment in the Belfast Region City Deal, aimed at driving prosperity in Northern Ireland and solidifying its status as a premier investment destination. Digital twins, virtual models of physical objects or systems using real-world data, offer businesses the ability to prototype rapidly and make informed decisions. They have the potential to streamline processes, reduce time-to-market, cut costs, and minimise emissions, making them a powerful tool for driving innovation and sustainability in industry. The UK is set to establish a digital twin centre of excellence with an investment of £37.6 million, aimed at revolutionising how industries develop products, services, and systems. Spearheaded by the Digital Catapult and supported by Innovate UK, Belfast Region City Deal, and industrial partners Thales UK, Spirit AeroSystems, and Artemis Technologies, the UK Digital Twin Centre will be located in Belfast and is scheduled to open later this year. The Centre is poised to make a significant impact on the manufacturing sector across the UK, with an expected contribution of 230 new jobs and a projected £61 million boost to the local economy in Northern Ireland by 2033. Programmes at the Centre will cater to businesses of all sizes, from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to large enterprises, aiming to accelerate the adoption of digital twins Pump industry excellence acknowledged at 2024 awards ceremony UK launches £37.6m Digital Twin Centre of Excellence to transform industry

Experts in Quick Couplings A constant flow of solutions Founded in 1960, Stucchi is today one of the main producers of solutions for fluids connection, also with residual pressure in the circuit. Stucchi quick couplings, operating up to pressures of 700 bar, are designed and produced in Italy to cover a wide range of applications, thanks to the use of different materials, and the numerous sizes and configurations available. See our website: stucchigroup.com

www.essentracomponents.co.uk MAKING IT EASIER Contact our local experts 0345 528 0474 sales@essentracomponents.co.uk THOUSANDS OF GENERAL PROTECTION PRODUCTS Essentra components extensive experience in design, development, and manufacturing means we are well-equipped to provide you with exceptional guidance and support. We produce a vast range of products including protection for hoses and hose ttings, and we know what matters to you. YEARS’ EXPERIENCE 65 MANUFACTURING IN THE UK FAST DESPATCH FREE SAMPLES SPIRALGUARD FLUID ABSORPTION PLUG HEXAGONAL CAPS THREADED O-RING PLUG HOSE PROTECTION SLEEVES THREADED PROTECTION CAPS THREADED PLUGS MULTI FLEXI CAPS SNAP FIT PLUGS HOSE CLAMPS

www.hpmag.co.uk HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS April/May 2024 17 Following a period of successful testing and customer trials ERIKS has announced that ‘Track and Trace’ functionality is now available for all its UK and Ireland customers. This new functionality allows ERIKS to further offer a seamless digital experience to its customers and for them to have full insight into the delivery schedule of their orders. When goods are dispatched from ERIKS’ Fulfilment Centre of Excellence in Oldbury, near Birmingham the customer receives an email notification enabling them to track and trace their order by simply following a link. The email notification includes the customer’s order number and a hyperlink to transfer the customer directly to the carrier’s site. By following this link, customers can access the actual tracking status of their goods. The customer email also contains other useful information including: the Order Line Number, the Supplied Quantity, the Part Number Reference and even a short description of all the items contained within the delivery. The container reference and the servicing branch address and phone number are also included to ensure the customer has all the information they need without having to speak to or contact anyone. Talking about the launch of Track and Trace Pamela Bingham, ERIKS’ CEO commented: “We have anticipated this moment for some time, but we needed to get it right and therefore we have invested a lot of time and money in testing the system and running live trials with customers. During this process we have worked through the inevitable snags, and we now have full confidence that our customers will be delighted with the information they can easily get and it, once again, this takes us further forward in the digital way we do business with our customers.” ERIKS launches track and trace for seamless digital customer experience

SMART MANUFACTURING & ENGINEERING WEEK PREVIEW From 5-6 June 2024, the NEC Birmingham will transform into an epicentre of industrial innovation and connectivity, hosting the Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week (SM&E Week). Across its two halls, six exhibitions, two summits and eight education theatres, the event addresses the key issues that concern manufacturing and engineering businesses currently, irrespective of the market sector they serve. The main themes of the wideranging event are innovation, the supply chain, sustainability, digital transformation and people and skills. Central to the week’s proceedings, Fluid Power & Systems and Air-Tech Exhibitions offer an unprecedented glance at the latest in engineering innovation. Co-located alongside Drives and Controls, Smart Factory Expo, Maintec and Design & Engineering Expo, this year’s event encapsulates the multifaceted nature of modern manufacturing. The week is set to unfold under the banner of cutting-edge technology, with primary partners such as 3M, Abdex Hose and Couplings, Amazon RME, Binder, Charter Controls, Emerson, Festo, igus, ILME, Lutze, Pilz Automation, Teseo SRL, Tom Parker, Wurth Electronics, ETA Enclosures, Eriks, Jenny Science AG and SMC Corporation leading the charge. Educational content & Summits To those familiar with Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week (SM&E Week) it will come as no surprise that education and peer to peer learning plays an important role. There are two summits that run alongside the exhibition namely the Industrial Data and AI Summit and the Manufacturing Digitalisation Summit. Now in its 7th year the Industrial Data & AI Summit takes place on the 5th of June and focuses on Data Management and Data Insights. The structure of the summit includes four keynote presentations, a panel discussion and two 60-minute roundtable discussion sessions. The summit allows senior leaders to hear from the sector’s most respected experts, such as the Head of Digital and Data at Education takes centre stage at SM&E Week The live events for Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week 2024 take place at the NEC, Birmingham on the 5 and 6 June. H&P looks at what visitors can expect at the event amid the myriad of activities taking place. BAE Systems and the Senior Director of Data and Analytics at Mars, as well as to share their knowledge and experiences with their peers. The roundtable sessions offer a unique opportunity for in-depth discussions on topics ranging from Data Integration and Management to Developing a Data Driven Business to Generative AI. Taking place on both the 5th and 6th June at the NEC is The Manufacturing Digitalisation Summit. This summit includes eight keynote presentations, two panel discussions and four 60-minute roundtable discussion sessions. The Summit focuses on how digitalisation is changing how products are designed, produced, used and maintained as well as transforming the operations, processes and energy footprints of factories and supply chains. This summit is broken down into two distinct streams, the Enterprise stream is for those working within businesses with revenues in excess of £100 million while the Growth stream is for those less than £100 million (theoretically classed as SMEs). While the summits charge an entry fee there is also a huge amount of free-toaccess education during the event with no less than 144 presentations taking place across the eight education theatres. The theatres cover: Drives & Controls, Digital Transformation, IIoT & Connectivity, Industrial Data & AI, Innovation, Maintenance, Air-Tech Solutions and Fluid Power & Systems. In the Fluid Power & Systems Theatre Colin Guttridge, Principal Manufacturing Engineer, Baker Hughes will be talking about Navigating the People and Skills Landscape in Manufacturing and Engineering. Colin will look at topics 18 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS April/May 2024 www.hpmag.co.uk

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SMART MANUFACTURING & ENGINEERING WEEK PREVIEW 20 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS April/May 2024 www.hpmag.co.uk from skill shortages to the imperative of diversity and inclusion and explore the critical aspects shaping the workforce dynamics in these industries because finding and retaining talent is a significant challenge for many manufacturing companies. While Dale Crow, Electricity & Automation Leader, Nestle will be covering Leveraging Technology to Maximise Functionality and Performance. The BFPA will be providing several sessions including: Filling the Skills Gap and Offering Opportunity which will be presented by Chris Butcher, Managing Director of the BFPA. The Standards Development Process from Nicky Quinn, Standards & Projects Manager, BFPA who will explore the role standards play in facilitating international trade and improving product quality, safety and interoperability and finally the subject of Fluid Injection Injuries will be covered by Martin Kingsbury, Director of membership and Training, BFPA. Elsewhere in the Air-Tech Theatre Alice Quinn, Senior Manufacturing Technology Engineer, 3M will be talking about Why IT/OT Projects Fail whereas Ioana Hera, Head of Improvement, Rolls Royce will be presenting on Harmonising People, Skills, and Technology: The Path to Manufacturing Innovation and Efficiency. This discussion aims to explore how organisations can effectively bring these elements together to drive innovation, optimise processes, and empower their workforce. Also, in the Air-Tech Theatre Ahmed Kovacevic, Reseach Chair in Compressor Technology and Ivona Ivkovic-Kihic, Research Project Coordinator both from City, University of London will address: Energy Sustainability and Net-Zero for Screw Compressors. The talk will introduce the University and the Centre and concentrate on the recent projects called Smart Efficient Compression, Reliability and Energy Targets (SECRET) and the Industrial consortium for Compressors and Expanders in Future Energy Systems (CERES). Additionally, Ahmed Kovacevic, Reseach Chair in Compressor Technology will present on the subject of: PDM Analysis Ltd, the creator and distributor of software SCORG for design and analysis of superior screw compressors and expanders. The software is used by most of leading OEMs in air and vacuum technologies, hydrogen compression, refrigeration, air conditioning, high temperature heat pumps, oil and gas and process industries. While the Drives & Technology Theatre will feature a series of compelling speakers from the world of industrial automation. On day one, David Santos, head of manufacturing engineering and automation at Chelton will start at 10.00 by talking about SMEs and Automation: Overcoming Complexity and Challenges During and After Implementation. The presentation will delve into the realm of digital empowerment, exploring how technology drives the evolution of external supply chains towards global excellence. This will be followed by Jason Reed, machinery safety specialist at Pilz Automation, who will address the important topic of Keeping Machinery Safe in a Digital World at 11.00. He will discuss the challenge of ever-increasing cybersecurity threats and examine their potential impact on machinery safety functions, addressing the pressing concerns raised in the upcoming Machinery Regulation. At 11.30, Josh Roberts from Festo will present on Selecting the Optimal FieldLevel Machine Control Architecture. With his extensive experience in industrial automation engineering and business development, Roberts will act as a guide to choosing the right field-level control architecture to maximise machinery performance, efficiency and costeffectiveness. At 12.00, James Kinsman, technical director at Overview, will consider the topic: The Paradigm for Sensor Motion is Changing: Redefining Agility and Accuracy in Smart Sensors. As a driving force behind the innovative ServoTorq development program, he will unravel the key drivers revolutionising modern sensor systems, powered by AI, and the demand for real-time digital data.

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SMART MANUFACTURING & ENGINEERING WEEK PREVIEW 22 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS April/May 2024 www.hpmag.co.uk Also happening on the first day, the Industrial Data and AI Theatre will feature a technical discussion at 13.00 that will include real data from robot applications including welding, aerospace drilling and additive manufacturing. Entitled How Iona improves Robot Performance and Why this is Essential for Modern-day Manufacturing, and presented by Craig Davey, COO at Insphere, this session is suitable for anyone working in robots and automation. In another keynote presentation at SM&E Week, Neelofar Ansari, senior manufacturing engineer at BAE Systems, will be presenting on the intriguing topic of Human Augmentation: Connecting with Manufacturing Environments on (at 13.30 on 5 June in the IIoT and Connectivity Theatre). Elsewhere, Emma Devereux, managing director at Maintech Recruitment, will address the difficult issue of How do we Combat the Skills Gap? She will give examples of companies that have tackled the problem head-on and others that have really struggled to recruit and retain staff (15.00 in the Maintenance Theatre). To close proceedings on day one, Claire Bailey, head of data and analytics at Saffran Seats, will be talking about Data-Driven Culture: The Smart Way to Digital Success (15.30 in the Industrial Data and AI Theatre). She will delve into the challenges and solutions associated with implementing new technologies and securing senior leadership buy-in for data governance initiatives. On the second day, Krishna Mistry, vice-president of series engineering at Verge Motorcycles, will kick off proceedings in the Drives & Technology theatre at 10.00 with a presentation entitled: Agile Engineering Cycles: Optimising Design, Development, and Deployment in Manufacturing. This will explore how, by integrating agile practices into design, development, and deployment processes, organisations can enhance efficiency, adaptability, and product quality. In the Maintenance Theatre, Philip Dewson, head of maintenance and facilities at Brompton Bicycle, will deliver a presentation at 10.30 called Beyond Bolts and Bearings: Holistic Facilities and Maintenance Management and Impact on Culture. At 11.30, Charles Wright, UK director of data and analytics at Columbus, will deliver a presentation in the Industrial Data & AI Theatre entitled: Simplifying AI we are looking forward to seeing you all at the show! Come down and see us at stand 5-A54 / FPS Americas : +1 (866) 465-6287 couplings@holmburyusa.com UK/Europe/Overseas: +44 (0)1732 378912 sales@holmbury.com 5-6 June 2024 - NEC Birmingham www.holmbury.com HOLMBURY ARE EXHIBITING AT:

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SMART MANUFACTURING & ENGINEERING WEEK PREVIEW 24 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS April/May 2024 www.hpmag.co.uk Adoption in Manufacturing: A ProductBased Approach. In the rapidly evolving landscape of smart manufacturing, AI (artificial intelligence) has emerged as a pivotal force driving innovation and efficiency. However, the harsh reality is that up to 92% of AI initiatives stumble before reaching full-scale production. Charles, a seasoned expert in data strategy and AI, will demystify AI integration by presenting insights into how a simplified, product-based approach can vastly improve adoption rates. In another keynote speech, Roy Haworth, head of digital mock-up process and implementation at Airbus Defence & Space, will be talking about Using CAD Data to Drive Data Fusion and 3D Visualisation (6 June at 12.00 in the Innovation Theatre). He will explore?the ways that CAD data can be used to bridge the engineering-production gap. In addition, at 13.30 in the Digital Transformation Theatre, Robert Clifford, head of digital and data at BAE Systems, will be presenting on The Three Horizons of your Digital and Data Strategy. The manufacturing sector is the latest domain to embrace the digital and data transformation ethos. However, developing an organisation’s digital and data strategy can often seem like a daunting prospect. This presentation will offer an overview of how to start small, move quickly and think big, progressing swiftly from the drawing board to implementation. The full programme of keynote presentations and other sessions is available at: https://www.mandeweek.co.uk/education al-content-2024. Visitors are encouraged to plan their programme in advance, and this can be easily done using the individual theatre exploration tools available on the Web site. There are eight solution theatres in total covering the topics of: Digital Transformation, IIoT & Connectivity, Industrial Data & AI, Innovation, Maintenance, Drives & Technology, AirTech Solutions, Fluid Power & Systems. Learning and networking As well as the summits and educational theatre sessions, there are other learning opportunities during the live events at the NEC on 5 and 6 June – for example, The Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), University of Cambridge Masterclasses. These interactive workshops are free to attend but places are limited and must be pre-booked. Several events for The Manufacturer Directors’ Forum will take place during the week. This network of senior manufacturers is now more than a decade old with members, drawn from across the industrial spectrum, sharing knowledge by attending targeted events and roundtable discussions. A major focus for Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week is people (both young and older) and skills. The STEM programme includes support for the IMechE Apprentice Automation Challenge as well as its Formula Student Programme. Taking place in Hall 5, as part of Drives & Controls, is the Fanuc Industrial Robots Qualifiers which will see teams of two 16–20-year-olds competing in dynamic challenges that will test their ability to gather and apply information, work effectively in teams, follow instructions, and create robot programs. Visitors can also experience the excitement for themselves with an interactive Fanuc robot “try it yourself” session. Also focused on people is the “Oscars” of the manufacturing sector – The Manufacturer Top 100. Held on the evening of 5 June, the programme provides a platform and a showcase to celebrate the best of UK manufacturing – not big businesses and household company names – but the inspiring people who make the industry tick. The Manufacturer Top 100 scours the length and breadth of the nation to find the 100 most dynamic leaders and innovators in manufacturing, nominated by the industrial community and judged by a panel of industry leaders, academics and manufacturing associations. On the key issue of skills (and also taking place on 5 June) is The Enginuity Skills Awards organised by Enginuity, the charity dedicated to supporting UK engineering and manufacturing employers by finding new ways to close skills gaps and open opportunities. The awards recognise apprentices, pioneers of skills development, and innovative engineers who are passionately and diligently tackling some of society’s biggest challenges. Each year, leaders from the engineering and manufacturing industry across the UK gather at the Skills Awards to celebrate the finest talent and commend the organisations dedicated to advancing skills development to ensure a bright future for these vital sectors of the UK economy. This year’s landmark tenth anniversary of the awards is no different, making SMEW an ideal backdrop for the celebration. The Skills Awards offers a variety of categories catering to areas ranging from Equality, Diversity, & Inclusion, to distinctions such as the Large and SME Employer Skills Champion awards, and the Training Partner Skills Champion award. In addition, the awards encompass accolades tailored to individuals committed to enhancing their expertise in the field, such as the T-Level Student award and multiple apprenticeship categories. Winners of both of these stand to gain a £1,000 prize, with two runnersup in each category receiving £500. Notable organisations A notable element of the planning for SM&E Week is the advisory council that the organisers bring together. The advisory council includes representatives from the event’s Strategic Partner organisations such as the British Manufacturing Consortium; The Centre for Compressor Technology; the iMechE; Engineering UK; GAMBICA; IED; BFPA; IFM University of Cambridge; The Manufacturer, Made Smarter. These organisatons collectively steer the educational element of SM&E Week, ensuring that presenters are addressing the crucial topics that people are interested in and in most cases, they have exhibition stands themselves so that they

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SMART MANUFACTURING & ENGINEERING WEEK PREVIEW 26 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS April/May 2024 www.hpmag.co.uk can talk to their members or answer questions from visitors. The charity partner for SM&E Week is Engineers Without Borders UK, an organisation focused on ensuring that globally responsible engineering is taught as a principle on engineering degree courses and also used within industry. Innovation As well as giant tech businesses, SMEs and industry organisations one of the key themes is innovation. Many manufacturing-focused startups will be showcasing their ‘bleeding edge’ solutions in Innovation Alley which is sponsored by the HVM Catapult and Innovation UK and which literally runs right through the middle of Smart Factory Expo. With so much innovation on show across all the events it’s difficult to pick out individual examples but two early disruptive technologies do catch the attention. Firstly, Insphere on Stand: 4N73 is launching IONA, a scalable network of sensors that deliver metrologygrade positional data to automated manufacturing processes. The data is used to improve the accuracy and performance of industrial robots, including identifying and correcting errors in the production line. Using IONA, manufacturers can make sub-millimetre corrections to robot positions and alignment with parts before mistakes are made. IONA enables a rightfirst-time approach, saving time, money, energy and reducing waste. A second example on Stand: 4-D21 is Addition Design which has designed a new process that allows food manufacturers to access production parts that meet food safety requirements through additive manufacturing. The process extends Addition Design’s ‘AddParts’ service – which supplies digital spares for automated production lines using 3D scanning, digital data management and industrial 3D printing – into the food processing sector. The new technique addresses several issues that affect the industry’s ability to embrace the benefits of 3D printing while complying with food-safety regulations and production line efficiency needs including those of low-cost, fast turnaround, blue, food contact components. The co-located events As mentioned at the beginning of the article there is a whole host of related activities and attractions taking place during Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week. Central to SM&E Week are the exhibitions, of which there are three taking place in Hall 4. Of great importance to H&P readers is the newly invigorated Maintec, the UK’s longest standing exhibition dedicated to the maintenance, reliability and asset management industry. Maintec has its own education theatre and the ability for visitors to access the major maintenance, repair and operations product and service suppliers as well as all the other content taking place makes the event more relevant for visitors and has brought it to life. To ensure that visitors access the information they want there will also be a ‘Maintenance Safety Trail’ which visitors can follow to ensure they see the right businesses and technologies dedicated to ensuring maintenance is conducted safely. Also in hall 4 is Smart Factory Expo which is designed to allow manufacturers to be the most efficient, the most sustainable, and the most profitable in the world and where visitors can find the insights, the solutions, and the connections for their digital transformation projects. Similarly to Maintec a ‘Cyber Zone Trail’ will be part of the exhibition directing visitors to the technologies and solutions that address cyber threats and the real threat of cyberattack that manufacturers and other large scale digitally focused businesses face. The Design & Engineering Expo is also +44 (0) 1202 478334 uk@polyhose.com polyhose.com HARNESSING HOSES SECURING SAFETY • Nylon Sleeve – MSHA approved resistance to mechanical abrasion. • Twisterflex Spiral Guard – HDPE impact & abrasion protec�on. • Fire Sleeve – protec�on from heat, and molten metal spla�er.