April 2018

Aerzen Rental ensures the continuity of your air supply. Our service is characterized by involvement, process knowledge and quick service. Aerzen Rental specializes in the rental of 100% oil free electrically powered blowers and compressors. Call the 24/7 hotline for an emergency plan. Aerzen Rental takes care of the complete connection on your production process including piping and other facilities. So you keep everything under control during maintenance, installation modifications, repairs and system revisions. Aerzen Rental Division, 24h-Hotline: +31 (0)88 9100 000 Local UK/Ireland contact: +44 (0) 7 903 645 925 info@aerzenrental.com , www.aerzenrental.com EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL RENT 100% OIL FREE AIR (CLASS 0) FOR MAINTENANCE, REPAIRS, OVERHAULS AND INSTALLATION CHANGES RENTAL DIVISION