November 2018

NEWS FEATURES REVIEWS CASE STUDIES APPLICATION STORIES PRODUCTS Industry calls for the UK to stay in European health & safety regime post Brexit. Calls for UK to maintain current H&S landscape The voice of industry since 1981 Britain’s manufacturers are calling for the current health & safety landscape to be maintained when the UK leaves the European Union, with existing worker production and legislative requirements continuing to be transferred into UK law to avoid cost and disruption to business. The call is made in a wide-ranging report into the UK’s health & safety landscape published by EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation and health & safety experts Arco entitled: ‘Making Health & Safety work for UK Business – manufacturers’ concerns in a post… Continues on page 6 Plant & Works Engineering November 2018 Issue no. 431 labolG nisredaeL BlairtudnI s , srelio . | Plant&WorksEngineering | November2018 Advertisement Feature 48 Wheredid the idea for thecampaign originate? IM:Likemanycampaigns thisone startedby brainstorming themessagesand then thinkingabout locations tomatch them.For example:“The secret’sout”for theMI6 shot or“Built to last”forEdinburghcastle.The slogan“You knowwhereyouare”alsohas thedoublemeaningof locationand reliability. Howdidyouproduce theadverts? IM:Weareasked thisquestionmany times and in factwehaveproduceda shortvideo thatexplains theproduction: Firstwecreateourmessage,200pixels highonablackbackground.This is then loaded intoour light stick.The light stickwe usehasa2metrealuminiumhousing containingacircuitboardwith200 full colourLEDs ina single strip. It isbattery poweredand thecontroller takes the image anddisplays it inone200pixelhighvertical sliceata time.Our“knowwhereyouare message” is200pixelsby1500pixelsand takesabout9.5 seconds todisplayall1500 slices. The camera is then set for a10 second exposure and the aperture is adjusted to get thebackground image correctly exposed.The camera and stick are triggered together and the stick iswalked across in frontof the camera.Thepersonwalking is wearingdark clothing and as they keep moving the cameradoesn’tgetenough light reflected from them to appear in the image. Wehave to trigger the camera remotely and anchor the tripod to try and eliminate any small vibrationswhichwould blur the image.Thismeanswe cannot shoot frombridges and anywind can alsopresent aproblem. Howdoyouget themessage in theexact position? IM:How themessage looks in relation to the background shotdependsonhow fastyou walkand the startingpoint.Howdark the background isalsoaffects theclarityof the wording.Thewalk is repeatedmany times in order toobtain thedesired look. Whatproblemsdid the teamencounter whilefilming? IM: Each location had to be thoroughly researched and reconnoitred for the ultimate camera angles. Lighting is also key, did you know that the creator of the Angel of theNorth stipulated that it should never be lit. Thismeant that the team had to rely on just the right level of light pollution to create a silhouette. Filmingwas carried out at all hours of the night, sometimes in finger-numbing cold conditions, EdinburghCastle and again theAngel of theNorth sprang tomind here. Filming at the various locations alsomeant that the teamwere exposed to the vagaries of the general public and, on one occasion, in spite of having the relevant permission, a brushwith the authorities,with the threat of incarceration being a good incentive to “move on”. Whydidyoudo it? IM:Quite simply,becausewearepassionate about lighting.OurLED lightingproducts are the resultofyearsofpatience,dedication andhonesty,adesire tobringaquality, reliableproduct to themarket.Wewanted ouradcampaign tomirror those same qualities. Light painting without photo-trickery TurckBannerwanted toensure that itsLED lightingpromotionsweremadewithLED lightsandnotusinganyphoto-editing trickery soasnot toexaggerateclaimsabout performanceof itproducts. IanManning (IM),marketingmanageratTurckBanner explains someof the secretsbehind itspromotionalcampaign. Advertorial Feature - page 48