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Energy, the Environment & Water 36 | Plant &Works Engineering | Annual Buyers’ Guide 2019 NORTEK reports that warm air, radiant and heating products are now affected by European Regulations. Warm air heaters are subject to Lot 21 of the directive and radiant heaters Lot 20. The company says its ErP compliant range includes the highly efficient RHeco series of energy saving condensing gas red unit heaters, which has been ErP compliant for years. Nortek says the RHeco range provides the highest efficiency levels and substantially reduced CO2 & NOx emissions (under 25ppm) and the units exceed the requirements of current Building Regulations L2, with thermal efficiencies up to 109% to provide exceptional levels of seasonal efficiency. Also the extremely low NOx modulating pre-mix burner enables BREEAM points to claimed (when applicable). e| w| Able to trace its history back over seven centuries to 1413, today the oldest university in Scotland, has many proud boasts. Offering four faculties, that serve nearly 8,000 students and with a world-renowned reputation, this is a university that says it is fully committed to achieving the highest standards. The university says these ambitions can be seen in every aspect of the its operation, which includes aspiring to reach stringent environmental and energy efficiency objectives. To help to achieve this, GRUNDFOS PUMPS has been working closely with key university estate specialists, who play a key role in ensuring that all the M&E services are effectively and efficiently delivered, so as to ensure that the pumps and pump systems deliver maximum efficiencies. Working collaboratively, the Grundfos and local onsite team says they have achieved some really impressive savings. For example, an upgraded installation at one site alone will save 206978 kWh, which is equal to £22,768 p.a. The company says savings of this nature are genuinely achievable, when looking at the whole life cycle cost relating to a pump or pumping system as the purchase price is a very small part of the equation. What this means is that, 85% of the total life cycle cost of any pump system is attributable to the energy that is required to run the pumps, meaning this is the area that should be focussed on. To find out how much a facility could save, contact Grundfos who says it has the pumps, knowledge and after sales skills to enable customers to benefit significantly. w| World Fuel Services Europe reports it has recently installed WINN & COALES (DENSO) SeaShield systems to protect both of its fuel piers, which are also part of the Eastern Breakwater project at Falmouth. Sixteen support pipes on the old pier have been protected with SeaShield 100 and nine SeaShield 2000FD jackets have been applied on the new pier. The materials were applied on both piers using rope access. The company says SeaShield systems provide long- term corrosion control for steel, concrete and timber structures in the splash and intertidal zones and they accommodates piles (such as at Falmouth ) with cylindrical, hexagonal, square and H cross sections. t| 0208 670 7511 e| Protection at Falmouth fuel piers Certificate in environmental management Of the 366,000 sewer blockages occurring in the UK around 80% are caused by the presence of ‘non- flushable’ items and the biggest offender is said to be wet-wipes. Through its experiences with a number of the UK’s water companies in dealing with blocked sewers, Huntingdon based P&M PUMPS the UK distributor for Vaughan Chopper Pumps, says it has succeeded in providing a solution by replacing failing submersible pumps. For example, at Anglian Water’s pumping station in Cambourne two Vaughan 30kW / 1460rpm SE6W chopper pumps were specified to handle flows up to 400m3/hr at heads of 17.8. The company says a simple and quick retro fit was all that was required utilising all the existing installation hardware and this provided an effective solution to prevent blockages and instances of drains ‘backing-up’. t| 01487 830123 e| w| Battle against blockages Top marks for energy savings RRC has announced it has launched an online course for the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management and says this course provides detailed knowledge of environment and sustainability principles, and gives learners the management tools and skills to deliver positive change in their organisations. RRC says the course takes around 120 hours of study with online assessment, so there is no need to attend formal exams and most importantly, successful completion of the course meets the requirements for Practitioner Membership of IEMA (PIEMA). Gary Fallaize MD comments“The dangers that face the world through global warming have again hit the headlines. With governments reluctant to take the steps needed it will be up to the Environmental Profession to take on the challenge to continually improve the environmental performance of their organisation.” t| 020 8944 3100 e| w| ErP – we are ready