July/August 2019

SPECIAL FOCUS Training and Development July/August 2019 www.pwemag.co.uk Plant & Works Engineering | 51 myself – it was great. I could basically choose what was the best project for me and in the end it allowed me to find the perfect role for myself.” Arron added that he believes the flexibility he found on the graduate scheme also flows through the rest of the company: “We don’t have specific desks. We don’t need to confirm to normal hours. We can work remotely and can live anywhere in the country.” The company, he says, has a philosophy of giving employees responsibility and letting them figure out what’s best to fit their schedule and what they need to get done. Ultimately, the Atlas Copco Graduate Programme, which encourages a flexible and independent work ethos, is a reflection of the overall changing nature of the engineering working environment. In the future the world of work will be very different from past traditional working structures and the format of this particular Programme is a positive blueprint for other employers to take note of in order to compete for the best engineering graduates in an increasingly competitive market. Arron Farghaly PROVIDING PRACTICAL ENGINEERING SKILLS TRAINING FOR INDUSTRY Technical Training Solutions Est 1980 t: 01634 731 470 e: tech.training@zen.co.uk www.technicaltrainingsolutions.co.uk IF YOU’RE READING THIS, THEN SO ARE 30,000+ ENGINEERS IMAGINE THE IMPACT YOUR ADVERTISEMENT COULD HAVE Contact Damien Oxlee at PWE Tel: 01732 370342 Plant & Works Engineering www.pwemag.co.uk