July/August 2019

WANNER says to call its new Hydra-Cell MT8 a low flow high pressure metering pump would do it a serious injustice. The company says this amazing triplex diaphragm pump can achieve a minimum flow rate of 0.227 litres per hour with the accuracy, linearity and repeatability demanded by API 675, but is capable of generating a maximum flow of 30.28 lph. The Hydra-Cell MT8 is designed to perform at pressures, up to 241 bar, while generating a smooth virtually pulse-less flow for homogeneous metered injection. With no cups, packing or seals to leak and its ability to handle a wide range of aggressive and abrasive liquids and even run dry without damage, new uses for the MT8 are surfacing daily. t | 01252 816847 e | Brenda@wannerint.com w | www.hydra-cell.eu CARLO GAVAZZI says its latest LDP series of loop detectors provide reliable and accurate vehicle detection and are designed specifically to ensure ease of installation. The company says the automatic frequency tuning ensures that each time it is powered up or reset it will automatically detect disturbances present on any of the four channels and in turn will choose the channel with the best signal condition whilst the selectable sensitivity allows adjustments in 10 steps from 1 to 10. 1 being the least sensitive and 10 the most sensitive. The Automatic Sensitivity Boost (ASB) ensures accurate detection of high-base vehicles such as trucks and buses whilst the automatic loop frequency tuning avoids cross talk between loops when installed in close proximity to each other. w | www.carlogavazzi.co.uk Rock stars have been smashing guitars for decades, few with more enthusiasm than Swedish born guitar virtuoso, Yngwie Malmsteen. SANDVIK says it decided to test its cutting edge techniques by building the world’s first all metal, unbreakable guitar and letting Malmsteen unleash his smashing skills on it. View the film, in which Malmsteen plays the guitar than does his very best to destroy it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1hxZyD9VGI Sandvik, a world leader in material innovation and manufacturing, says it created the smash-proof guitar by gathering together its engineers to collaborate and use sustainable, cutting-edge techniques to make something both highly precise and extremely durable. “This guitar is a beast! Sandvik is obviously on top of their game. They put the work in, they do their hours, I can relate to that,” said Malmsteen. w | www.materials.sandvik/en-gb/ SNICKERS says as working clothes on site go, there’s a big difference between conventional electrician’s workwear and specialist ProtecWork garments from Snickers Workwear, which includes protective wear for electricians. The company says ProtecWork, the new ergonomically designed protective wear from Snickers Workwear, has a number of CE (European Conformity) marks across the product range. It has been designed and developed to protect the wearer from serious risks such as heat, flames, electric arcs and hazardous chemicals - in effect, clothing that can mean the difference between life and death for the wearer. ProtecWork from Snickers Workwear is said to be the new protective wear solution that will deliver the right level of layered protection to help ensure comfort, safety and well-being on site. t | 01484 854788. w | www.snickersworkwear.co.uk Electric Arc - understand the risks Electric actuator manufacturer AUMA has announced it has launched explosion-proof variable speed valve actuators for use in potentially hazardous environments. The new SAVEx actuators for open-close duty and SARVEx multi-turn actuators for modulating duty, combined with intelligent ACVEx actuator controls, provide full control of the motor speed at any time. The company says variable speed offers significant advantages for challenging valve control tasks, since it allows the optimum operating speed to be selected for each change of valve position. High positioning accuracy and optimised setpoint control considerably increase the effectiveness of pressure control valves in gas pipelines, for example. On multiport valves, variable speed actuators aid rapid and accurate switch-over between ports. t | 01275 871141 e | mail@auma.co.uk Explosion-proof variable speed actuators Smash-proof, 3D printed guitar Metering pump shows versatility Reliable vehicle detection CONTA-CLIP says its GSM-PRO2 series communication modules feature a Modbus RTU (RS485) interface that enables easy data exchange with other controllers. The modules operate in slave mode and can, for example, provide a PLC with added GSM functionality via an easy plug connection to the RS485 port directly on the C-type mounting rail. The GSM- PRO-CON extension module from CONTA-CLIP makes wiring even simpler. Plugged into the GSM-PRO2 module, it offers front-access terminals for connection to the controller. The GSM-PRO2 parameterization software can be programmed to send a text or email fault message to specified recipients when the status of the PLC input changes. Prompted by a text message that is sent to the GSM-PRO2 module, data is written into the PLC’s digital and analog registers via the Modbus RTU interface. t | +49 . 5257 . 9833 - 0 e | christian.quade@conta-clip.de w | www.conta-clip.com 52 | Plant & Works Engineering www.pwemag.co.uk July/August 2019 Industry Update Direct Modbus connection