March 2020

The Ultraprobe 3000 can find leaks in a quick, easy and safe way On an average plant, 30% of all compressed air is lost to leaks If there is no leak management program in place, the percentage will be even higher Avoid unnecessary costs using an Ultrasound Instrument to quick and easily detect compressed air leaks Guarantees a very quick return in investment – in many cases, less than a year (less leaks = energy saving) You can create Excel reports for your leak surveys (including financial savings) ULTRAPROBE 3000 THE PERFECT TOOL FOR ENERGY SAVINGS Chris Hallum, CMRP - Regional Manager UK & Ireland E: | W: | T: +44 7930 352188 THE ULTRAPROBE 3000 can be used together with LICENSE-FREE DMS SOFTWARE or the LEAKSURVEY APP (for Android and iOS) to quantify your leak detection efforts in COMPREHENSIVE EXCEL REPORTS WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW HOW MUCH YOU CAN SAVE EVERY YEAR BY FIXING YOUR COMPRESSED AIR LEAKS? Find out at HOW MUCH ENERGY DO YOU LOSE ON LEAKS?