June 2020

UVEX SAFETY has announced the launch of its latest safety footwear – the uvex 1 business, equally at home in both office and factory. The company says winner of the German Design Award 2020, the smart, stylish and extremely versatile uvex 1 business shoe can be worn straight from the production area to the office, where it blends perfectly with both casual wear and more formal business attire and you would never know from looking at it that the uvex 1 business is indeed safety footwear. The company says as the first to design and manufacture such multipurpose safety footwear, it has ensured that the same shoes or boots can be comfortably worn throughout the working day, eliminating the need for more than one pair of shoes when changing work areas. t | 01252 731200 w | www.uvex-safety.co.uk New to the market, UVEX says its megasonic goggle features a revolutionary frameless lens design delivering edge-to-edge, crystal clear, optical class 1 clarity and consistency in every direction. The panoramic lens is approximately 20% larger than similar goggles giving wearers as close to natural vision as possible, eliminating the need to take safety eyewear on and off when walking on difficult surfaces or when moving between workstations — a major advantage when it comes to risk reduction. The company says the sporty, ergonomic design and ultra-comfortable fit means these goggles both protect and allow you to get on with your day, without distraction. Ultra-light, the flexible x-frame and super soft ergonomic face seal adapt to any wearer creating an effective, low pressure seal and maximum wearer comfort. t | 01252 731200 w | www.uvex-safety.co.uk UVEX says the new uvex 2 trend safety shoe range offers real value for money. Whether in the assembly hall or on the production line, indoors or outdoors: uvex 2 trend safety footwear range is suitable for medium duty applications and incorporates numerous proven technologies at an affordable price. The company says the new line of safety footwear offers a range of shoes and boots in protection class S1, S2 and S3. Uppers are made from high quality leather or microfibre textile and all guarantee reliable safety standards provided by a steel midsole and a steel toe-cap. The dual density polyurethane outsole (slip-resistant SRC certification) in combination with the uvex anti-twist heel cap, offer pure comfort and stability to prevent ankle twisting. t | 01252 731200 w | www.uvex-safety.co.uk HENKEL says when a repair needs to be made, every second spent searching for the right adhesive for the job, or waiting for it to set, costs money in downtime. To address these issues, it has developed its LOCTITE Universal Bonders, adhesives born out of hybrid technology, that will bond almost any material, with fast fixture and cure speeds, in all types of operating conditions. The company says LOCTITE HY 4070 has certainly lived up to its name by providing an effective structural bonding adhesive for a wide range of applications and it is this scope that has led HENKEL to introduce a larger pack size of the product, making it even more economical. LOCTITE HY 4070 is therefore now available in both the original 11g pack and the new 45g size that is dispensed via handgun. w | www.henkel-adhesives.co.uk Affordable quality and comfort As manufacturers continue to experience the effects of Covid-19 on their workforce, budgets and operating abilities, DCO SYSTEMS says it offers an affordable solution for Industry 4.0. The company says remote monitoring of equipment alleviates the challenge of getting an engineer to site and allows for real-time visibility of processes. With access to this information, greater collaboration can exist within the limitations of social distancing. DCO Systems offers a no up-front pricing option that enables clients to install remote monitoring, without having to go through any CapEx approvals. DCO says its goal is to help clients get the information they need affordably whilst operating in a way that reduces the impacts of Covid-19. t| 01285 359059 e| info@dcosystems.co.uk w| https://dcosystems.co.uk/ Investing in Industry 4.0; an affordable tool for survival 14 | Plant & Works Engineering www.pwemag.co.uk June 2020 Maintenance Matters Visionary technologies at a glance Safety footwear suited and booted Universal bonder in larger pack size As a leader in oils, cutting fluids and lubrication, ROCOL has announced it has published a ‘Machine Shop Solutions’ brochure to highlight just a selection of the industry leading solutions that can improve productivity, reduce costs and significantly reduce environmental footprint. From product concept, design and development through to technical expertise and customer services, ROCOL says it supports all machine shop needs, and this latest brochure shows how a business can benefit from ROCOL’s expertise. The 20-page brochure is just a snapshot of the comprehensive range of fluid solutions that are available from the Leeds based manufacturer. Well known for its hand applied RTD cutting and tapping lubricants, ROCOL says it is also a pioneer in cutting fluids, fluid care products, slideway lubricants and cleaners and much more. t | 0113 232 2600 e | shaun.heys@rocol.com w | www.rocol.com ‘Fluid Solutions’ brochure