June 2020

Focus on: Pumps & Valves Process, Controls & Plant June 2020 www.pwemag.co.uk Plant & Works Engineering | 29 components and offers a sanitary method to supply the bioreactor with various fluids to grow cell cultures in the development of new medicines. Stepper motors drive the pump head, compressing and releasing the pump tubing to move media into the bioreactor chamber. To remove excessive heat in, its open-loop stepper motors have been replaced with their closed-loop counterparts. The excessive heat elevated the temperature of fluids being pumped into the bioreactor, which adversely affected processing times and reduced yields. By incorporating encoder feedback and servo-control firmware in Applied Motion Products’ closed-loop steppers, the current is controlled to meet torque demands precisely. This eliminated the heat problem by operating less hot and consuming less power. X-ray systems spots food contaminants Although there is currently no evidence that the novel coronavirus can be transmitted via food, transmission via surfaces recently contaminated with viruses is, nonetheless, believed possible through smear infections. Sparc Systems has designed the Iris pipeline X-ray system to detect contaminants in vacuum filled and pumped meat, poultry and dairy products. Iris will identify many different physical hazards, including bones, teeth, metal, glass, ceramics, and high-density plastic in muscle meats, slurries, semi solids, and fluids. The X-ray sensor can detect foreign materials with high sensitivity levels down to 0.4mm. Any product shown to contain contaminant is shown on a display screen and immediately rejected from the system before it is transferred downstream. The Iris features a three-way electric valve that allows test pieces to be inserted into the product flow to provide a true performance reading. For fast set up and ease of use across mixed product lines, it can easily be integrated into an existing rigid or flexible piping system or placed behind a vacuum filling machine. Piezo proportional flow control valve A new VEMD proportional flow control valve from Festo is targeting applications in life sciences and mobile applications, ranging from ventilators and anaesthesia to operating equipment for ophthalmology and dental drills. It uses the latest piezo technology to deliver highly dynamic control for medical and industrial control applications. The valve integrates a flow sensor with a proportional valve and controller for regulating the flow of compressed air or inert gases, up to 20 l/m at a maximum pressure of 2.5 bar. In operation, it compares the required signal value with the actual, sensor- measured value within its closed loop electronic controller and then adjusts the output using a piezo pilot valve. The pilot valve features low heat generation, long service life, power consumption of only 1W and silent operation, ideal for patients who are bed bound and need rest uninterrupted by noisy solenoids. Green mining from the tail up Driven by increasing scarcity of water, the mining industry is seeking sustainable strategies to address rising risks, costs and compliances. The way increasing volumes of mine tailings are handled can have a long-term impact on a mine’s economic efficiency as well as on the surrounding environment and communities. Dewatering of this waste allows water removal and its reuse, either in the plant itself or restoration to nature. Suitable dewatering technologies range from lamellar thickeners, hydrocyclones and filters to tailings stackers, including pumping and conveyor belts. Metso has launched its VPX filter for tailings dewatering. It is designed to maximize water recovery and reduce the footprint of tailings dams or eliminate them completely. At Metso’s facilities in Sorocaba, Brazil, the first full-scale tests of the Metso VPX filter started in March 2020. The unit is processing ore samples sent by several mining companies from Brazil and Latin America. “This is not a laboratory test, but filtration in industrial scale conditions using VPX technology, which has the capacity to process high volumes of ores”, says Rodrigo Gouveia, Vice President, Tailings Management Systems, Metso. The complete valve package from Bürkert Bürkert always goes the extra mile for our customers. Whether that be by developing a comprehensive range of instrumentation and devices all under one roof, or delivering valve packages on individually tagged pallets for pre-assigned areas of the plant – we aim to make your valve procurement process as simple, easy and cost-effective as possible. We make ideas flow. Want to know more? Call us at +44 (0) 1285 648720 or email sales.uk@burkert.com www.burkert.co.uk