September 2021

Find out your leakage rate (l/min or cfm) and potential savings (€ /year). Currency can be set as required Find the smallest leaks at large distances Photograph leaking parts Paperless documentation. Enter everything into the device on site: Define the leakage location as well as the remedial measures and spare parts required Create a report in accordance with ISO 50001 9 hours of continuous operation possible Multi-user capable through cloud solution Fatigue-free work – ergonomic, one-hand operation – low weight Unique laser distance measurement for automatic cost determination FINDING LEAKS PAYS OFF: Example calculation for a medium-sized company: Approx. 25% of compressed air is lost due to leaks in the system. Compressor capacity 150 kW (el) x 6000 hours (p.a.) x 0.162 £/kWh Annual electricity costs: 145,800 £ A leakage rate of 25% corresponds to a possible annual saving of 36,450 £. MEASURING TECHNOLOGIE FOR COMPRESSED AIR AND GASES CS INSTRUMENTS GmbH & Co. KG Zindelsteiner Straße 15 78052 VS-Tannheim Germany Tel.: +49 (0)7705 978 99-0 Fax: +49 (0)7705 978 99-20 E-mail: Web.: The world’s first leak detector with camera that displays the leak rate in l/min or CFM and possible savings in £ / $ / € CO 2 EMISSIONS 118 Tons ENERGY COSTS 36,450 £ POTENTIAL SAVINGS * Calculated with a factor 0,527 kg/kWh *