February 2022

AERZEN Rental provides immediate assistance throughout Europe if it concerns 100 % oilfree process air. With blower and compressor systems for conveyance of air and neutral gases for almost every industry segment, you are well prepared for any situation. Whether, for example, in case of overproduction, failure or maintenance, process optimisations or new buildings and conversions. Decide on absolute process safety: with the 24/7 rental service for efficient assembly solutions including accessories – also turnkey including installation, commissionning and maintenance. Fast, flexible, reliable. www.aerzen.com WHY OUR RENTAL SERVICE IS THE BEST SOLUTION FOR YOUR PROCESS ISSUE? LET’S TALK Debbie Mayes, Account Manager Rental UK & Ireland +44 (0) 7 903 645 925 debbie.mayes@aerzenrental.com Get the free App Make life easier t: +44 (0)1543 379212 e: sales@sepura-technologies.com SEPURA ™ is part of the Bowman Group www.sepura-technologies.com We have developed a mobile App that will make it easy to identify the right SEPURA™ product to fit your current oil/water filtration system. Not only that, we have also built in a calculator so you will know straight away which product from our comprehensive range is the correct one for you. Our unique SILEXA™ filtration media is made from recycled materials and is more effective than any other filtration media currently available. Many users are now switching to our products over their existing OEM suppliers to meet their environmental commitments. scan the code to go to the download page