February 2022

Process, Controls & Plant Focus on: Compressed Air Web: www.tcasdryair.co.uk Tel: 01952 292121 DRY AIR HIRE FIVE FIXED BUDGETING SOLUTION - DRY AIR HIRE FIVE offers a fixed monthly budgeting solution for all compressed air equipment, installation, commissioning, equipment service & breakdown support for 5 years. PEACE OF MIND - Brand new, reliable and energy efficient HPC compressed air equipment including all service, breakdown and support for five years. No Hidden Costs, No restrictions, No previous claim penalties. NO CAPITAL PURCHASE - DRY AIR HIRE FIVE requires no capital purchase. FLEXIBILITY - Demand for compressed air can often increase as your company grows. With DRY AIR HIRE FIVE, should this happen, we will grow with you. NO QUIBBLE WARRANTY - We offer as part of the DRY AIR HIRE FIVE agreement total peace of mind for 5 years. DRY AIR HIRE FIVE offers a viable alternative to compressed air equipment purchase with added benefits over a five year period. Industrial compressed air is often regarded as the ‘fourth utility’ and therefore the demand for ultimate reliability & optimum efficiency is the number one priority. DRY AIR HIRE FIVE offers these benefits which are outlined below... standard for safety of compressors): Gives end-user assurance that the delivered compressor is “fit-for-purpose”. ISO 18623-1 will soon be published with the intention to supersede the existing BS/EN 1012 BS/ISO 12500 (Manufacturers reference standard for performance of Air treatment products): Allows comparison of the performance of filters for compressed air for three different filter/ contaminant types: Part 1 covers coalescing filters for removal of oil aerosols. Part 2 covers adsorbent filters (e.g. activated carbon, etc) for removal of oil vapours and odours. Part 3 covers particulate filters for removal of solid particles. PED/SPVD The PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) and SPVD (Simple Pressure Vessels Directive) are European Directives (Legal Requirements) intended to avoid technical barriers to free trade and to guarantee safe use of pressure equipment across the European Union. The revised PED and SPVD Guidelines were published in October 2018. Also, revision of EN 286-2 and EN 286-3 are ongoing to achieve compliance with SPVD to aid harmonisation. Machinery Directive The MD (Machinery Directive) is the core European legislation covering mechanical engineering products (“machinery” is defined as “an assembly, fitted with or intended to be fitted with a drive system other than directly applied human or animal effort, consisting of linked parts or components, at least one of which moves, and which are joined together for a specific application.”) Machinery must be supported with a technical file and is subject to an assessment process to ensure compliance with the MD. A Declaration of Conformity (or Incorporation for partially completed equipment) is produced and the machinery has CE marking before being placed on the market. REACH REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals) is a harmonised European regulation intended to manage the safe management and use of chemicals. The ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) in Helsinki manages a centralised database on all chemicals and restrictions on their use. For compressed air users, the significance is applied to selection of suitable oils (for cooling and lubrication). Eco-Design Directive The Ecodesign directive is a set of European requirements aimed at encouraging manufacturers to produce more energy efficient products (‘improving the environmental performance of products’) from a complete lifecycle perspective. Initially targeted toward all ‘Energy Using Products’ which consume electric power while in ‘standby and off’ modes, the scope was extended to include a range of industrial products, including air compressors (known as Lot 31). Not expected to impact products placed on the market until 2020, the most likely impact for end-users will be the ability to compare different products for energy efficiency. For further information please contact BCAS at: www.bcas.org.uk