February 2022

February 2022 www.pwemag.co.uk Plant & Works Engineering | 35 Focus on: Loading Bays & Doors Handling & Safety Matters conditions. For areas that have constant cold spots, the best solution may be to add more heaters such as new radiant heaters that are efficient and create enough heat for large spaces. It is important to carry out Step 1 before embarking on steps 2 and 3, as these are counterproductive without addressing where the troubling airflow is coming from in the first instance. To get the best out of your door, a site survey to assess the conditions on site is recommended to ensure the door is fit for purpose. This article was compiled from Hart Door’s blog at: https://www.hartdoors.com/blog/3-tips-to-control-the-internal- temperature-in-your-factory-warehouse Engineered For Endurance Design | Install | Maintain Get a free consultation, contact us on +44 (0) 191 214 0404 | info@hartdoors.com www.hartdoors.com Internal and external rolling doors and shutters to improve and protect your productivity both safely and securely. ■ High-speed doors – improve workflow efficiency ■ Fire doors – ensure staff safety ■ Shutters – security and asset protection ■ Custom doors - designed your way