February 2022

BEARING LUBRICATION REIMAGINED Remote and Real Time Bearing Monitoring and Lubrication The OnTrak SmartLube is a unique remote bearing monitoring and lubrication system. Designed to monitor and lubricate bearings remotely . With remote condition-based lubrication you can greatly reduce bearing failures. CONTACT US FOR A DEMONSTRATION WITH REAL LIFE DATA! UE SYSTEMS UK & IRELAND - CHRIS HALLUM +44 (0) 7930 352 188 | chrish@uesystems.com MODULAR SYSTEM Each OnTrak is capable of 16 sensors. Easily scale OnTrak systems to thousands of sensors to one central dashboard COMMUNICATION (Ethernet, wifi or cellular) SINGLE POINT LUBRICATOR Dispense lubricant with precision only when needed from up to 16 single point lubrication devices MOBILE VIEW Viewable on any network connected device; pc, laptop, tablet, phone using a standard browser ALARM NOTIFICATION Built-in events system, which is configurable, and has the ability to display, email and text any alerts the system has System uses ultrasonic sensors: identify bearing issues beyond lubrication at the earliest possible point All data accessible anytime, anywhere, via user-friendly dashboards Easy to install, affordable and scalable Lubricate bearings remotely with a push of a button, using always the right grease and the right amount System includes single point lubricators: no more lubrication issues! Integrates with existing databases and CMMS