Drives & Controls Magazine November/December 2022

46 n NEW PRODUCTS November/December 2022 HMS Networks has announced 13 new Anybus Communicator gateways that it says will allow more data to be transferred faster across industrial networks. The gateways provide communications between EtherCat, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, Profibus and Profinet networks, simplifying connections between different control systems, removing islands of automation, and boosting performance. The gateways, based on the Anybus NP40 network processor, support data transfers at speeds up to 10 times faster than earlier versions. Users can exchange more data between networks because the gateways can transfer up to 1,500 bytes to and from connected PLCs. They are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, and have a security switch that prevents unauthorised configuration changes, and secure boot functions to resist attacks and infections frommalware. Installation is simplified by the use of forward-facing ports and DIN-rail mounting, allowing the gateways to be installed close to connected devices, and reducing the need for wiring. The gateways are configured using drag-and-drop techniques in aWeb-based graphical interface, accessed via a dedicated Ethernet port. Users can monitor network traffic and diagnose issues before they become problems. A QR code provides a step-by-step installation and configuration guide. Alternatively, the gateways can be pre-configured and locked to be used as components in automation devices or machines. HMS Industrial Networks 01926 405599 gateway-index/ anybus-communicator New digital input modules from ifm electronic can connect sensors directly to Profinet and EtherNet/IP networks, simplifying network infrastructures in many applications. All modules in the AL4xxx range have built-in counters, making it easy to implement reliable, accurate high-speed counting that is not affected by PLC cycle times. There are eight models, including versions with stainless connectors for use in the food industry, and nickel-plated brass connectors for general industrial use. StandardLine models offer a single A-coded M12 power connector rated at 4A, while PerformanceLine models have two L-coded M12 power connectors, each rated at 16A. The latter can also be daisy-chained with other modules in the same family. All versions provide 16 inputs configured as two banks of eight. M12 connections are used between the modules and the sensors, and these can be achieved using pre-terminated connecting cables available separately in lengths from 1– 10m. The robust IP67 (IP67K for PerformanceLine types) housings allow the modules to be used in tough environments, including where washdown cleaning is performed. ifm electronic 020 8213 0000 13 gateways transfer more data faster in industrial networks Fork sensors can detect tiny objects at high speeds New fork photoelectric sensors from Leuze can detect objects as small as 0.05mm in diameter. A switching frequency of up to 10kHz means that the GS 04B and GS 08B sensors can be used in high-speed automation processes. The fork shape combines the transmitter and receiver, allowing simple and quick mounting without needing alignment. The compact sensors can be used where space is limited. They can be configured either via IO-Link or manually using a potentiometer. Sensitivity adjustment and light/dark switching ensure reliability. The red-LED GS 04B sensors come in 14 fork widths from 5– 220mm. They are also available in extra-wide 170 or 220mm versions for applications involving larger components. The GS(L) 08B series spans four fork widths from 30– 120mm. Their IP67 cleanroom- compatible V4A stainless-steel housings make them suitable for applications with high demands on hygiene and resistance to cleaning agents. Leuze Electronic Digital input modules link sensors directly to networks Single-Pair Ethernet connectors offer a choice of technologies Binder has developed series of compact SPE (Single-Pair Ethernet) connectors for data and power transmission in factory and process automation environments. The circular M8- format field-wireable connectors in the 808 series comply with the IEC 63171-5 and 63171-6 SPE standards and are equipped with screw locks. The IP67- protected connectors can be integrated into standard M8 sensor housings. SPE allows high-performance, cost-effective wiring of field components using twin wires. Depending on the distance, devices with gigabit transmission rates can be integrated into Ethernet networks via the single pair of wires. Power over Data Line (PoDL) can supply power via the same pair. Binder is offering shielded and unshielded SPE products based on two technologies: power via PoDL; and a hybrid concept that provides separate data and power transmission. The two- and four-pin M8 connectors and mating devices comply with the IEC standards for dimensions as well as mechanical, electrical and transmission characteristics, test specifications, and mating faces for SPE data transmission. Binder 01442 257339