Drives & Controls Magazine November/December 2022

48 n NEW PRODUCTS n DESIGN DATA AND MULTIMEDIA November/December 2022 Omron has launched a collaborative robot with a payload of 16kg – the most powerful cobot available to date from the company. The TM16 cobot will allow users to handle heavier parts and materials than was previously possible, and to take on new tasks. Omron says the cobot can improve throughput and consistency in repetitive or complex assembly and machine-tending tasks. It has a 900mm reach and complies with ISO/TS 15066, allowing it to be installed with reduced amounts of safeguarding. It can work alongside humans, while reducing the amount of space needed for the robot. Optional built-in vision can handle complex pick- and-place and inspection tasks. There are also options for Profinet and Ethernet/IP connections. The cobot can be mounted onto a mobile robot to automate not only materials transport, but also complicated picking operations. Omron 01908 258258 Nord Drivesystems has developed a range of gearboxes that, it says, close a gap in its portfolio. The MaxxDrive XD boxes offer a 35% increase in centre distances and a 60% reduction in weight compared to previous versions. They are suitable for U-shaped configurations of drives, motors and cable drums commonly used in lifting applications. The boxes are available in ratings up to 282kNm and are optimised for downward loads. The gearboxes come in five sizes with centre distances from 509–963mm. They are available with three or four stages. The housing dimensions and centre distances are the same for three- and four-axle versions, allowing users to standardise and reduce the number of versions they need. The boxes cover a wide speed range with a maximum nominal ratio of i=355. Constant torque across the speed ratio guarantees high efficiency. The gearboxes use Nord’s robust one-piece Unicase housings. The elongated arrangement of gear stages allows tailor-made dimensioning with sufficient centre distances – thus avoiding over-dimensioning. Nord Gear (UK) 01235 534404 Gearboxes are 60% lighter and fill a gap White Paper explores how TSN can level up manufacturing The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) has published a free White Paper that examines Time- Sensitive Networking (TSN) as an enabling technology for smart manufacturing. Called Delivering TSN’s benefits tomanufacturing , the paper explores what TSN can do to help realise the connected industries of the future across several sectors. It discusses how the technology increases process transparency by providing a way to merge all types of data into a single, cohesive stream which can be analysed to derive actionable insights. The result is increased uptime, productivity and product quality. The use of a single network can also cut both capital and operational costs while simplifying maintenance. Guide offers advice on terminal block technologies Mitsubishi Electric has released a Technology Discussion Guide that examines cable connection technologies for industrial automation. It investigates how to identify the most suitable I/O, terminal blocks and termination cables, helping to streamline automation systems, while increasing their robustness. The document reviews several cabling options, presenting their pros and cons. It looks at how screwless push-in technology with a mechanical release can provide quick, reliable and maintenance-free wiring, cutting costs and saving time and resources. white-paper-push-in-terminal-block-technology Automation specialist launches first pneumatics catalogue Matara UK has released its first pneumatics product catalogue. As well as UK-built pneumatic cylinders, the 204-page publication covers products such as solenoid valves, valve islands, pilot andmechanical valves, rodless cylinders, grippers, air preparation equipment and ancillary items. For each product, the colour-coded catalogue provides images, specification charts, symbols ordering details, price and, where relevant, CAD drawings. A“useful information”section contains charts for pressure and flow rate conversion, theoretical force and pressure conversion. Videos explore Industry 4.0 technologies Digi-Key Electronics has launched a second series of Factory Tomorrow videos focussing on advances in automation. Sponsored by Siemens, Schneider and Phoenix Contact, the series will take a closer look at the forces driving Industry 4.0, interviewing experts about how AI, connectivity and edge computing are shaping manufacturing. The first video looks at digital twins, the second will focus on complex sensors and hardware, while the third will showcase cutting-edge manufacturing systems. factory-tomorrow Guidance Automation has bcome the first UK reseller of US-based Otto Motors’autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). It will offer Otto 100, 750 and 1500 AMRs with its own attachments, including briNgbot, which uses light- directed pickingmodules and shelves to transport multiple totes or shipping cartons, and iNcaart, which provides a conveyor-top for transferring loads. Cobot can handle 16kg loads