Drives & Controls January 2024

47 January 2024 NEW PRODUCTS n Yamaha Robotics has announced a Scara robot for automated work in clean rooms. The YK-XEC robots comply with the ISO Class 4 (ISO 14644-1) cleanliness standard. There are three models with X-axis arm lengths from 235– 435mm, Y-axis arm lengths of 275mm, Z-axis stroke lengths of 200mm, and top X-Y axis speeds of 7.8–9.5m/s. Repeatability is ±0.01mm for all axes. The robots have a maximum payload of 10kg and cycle times of 0.42–0.49s with 2kg payloads, helping to boost productivity. The main speci’cations are identical to the YK-XE series for non-clean applications. Yamaha Robotics, Factory Automation Section Phoenix Contact has introduced a range of mini double-level terminal blocks, which enable space-saving wiring. The MUTTB blocks are suitable for mounting in small control boxes, connection boxes and control panels. A screw connection technology enables multiconductor connections. There are function shafts on both levels which can be equipped with bridges and test plugs from the Clipline terminal block system. Four outer marking grooves are provided to accommodate tall marking materials. The terminal blocks can be mounted on DIN 15 or DIN 35 rails. Phoenix Contact 01952 681700 Mini multi-level terminal blocks save wiring space IDS (Imaging Development Systems) has developed a compact autofocus camera for use as a webcam in industrial applications. Unlike consumer webcams, the uEye XC camera is designed for industrial environments and has a lightweight magnesium housing, with an optional quickchange macro lens that allows users to shorten the minimum distance between the camera and an object for close-up applications such as quality control. The camera, which has a 13MP sensor, is available for two protocols: USB3 Vision, which makes it programmable and customisable; or UVC (USB Video Class), which uses a cable connection for setup and operation and then delivers high-resolution images and videos, even if object distances change. This makes it ideal for applications needing fast image capture with minimal effort. The cameras offer digital zooms, automatic white balance and colour correction, making it easier to recognise objects on conveyor belts, or barcodes on packages or labels. The cameras measure 32 x 61 x 19mm. IDS (Imaging Development Systems) ueye-xc-autofocus-camera Scara robots can operate in clean rooms Industrial webcam offers a choice of protocols Festo has released an electric gripper which can hold multiple workpieces with adaptable stroke lengths and gripping forces. The HEPP gripper can handle complex movements precisely. There are three sizes with gripping forces up to 400N and strokes up to 56mm. The motor, encoder and controller are integrated, removing the need for an external controller. This is critical for end-of-arm robot tooling, because only the power supply and comms cables need to be routed through an energy chain. The gripper can be adjusted for a wide range of workpieces, in terms of size, material and gripping force. A precise counter-rotating spindle that can manage high stresses from feeder forces achieves high gripping forces. The spindle also maintains positioning reliability of less than 0.02mm during endurance testing. The HEPP has a holding brake on the motor, and can handle workpieces in e-stop conditions. If the power supply fails, the brake holds the gripper ’ngers in position to prevent a workpiece from being dropped. Users can choose between EtherCat, Pro’net, EtherNet/IP or Modbus protocols. Function blocks are available for Festo, Siemens, Beckho¤, Rockwell and Omron systems. Festo GB Baumer claims that its latest ultrasonic distance measurement sensor is the world’s shortest, with a housing length of just 50mm, as well as a 15mm “blind”area. The UR12 sensor has electronics built into its M12 housing, and o¤ers a response time of up to 16ms, with a maximum detection range of 500mm or 1000mm for throughbeam versions. It gives designers the ability to save space in machines. The sensor has an IO-Link interface for easy integration and delivery of secondary data. For less demanding applications, a retro’t variant is available without IO-Link. The sensor can be used a drop-in replacement for older M12 devices. Sonic cones can be con’gured using Baumer’s free Sensor Suite software. Baumer 01793 783839 Ultrasonic sensor is ‘the world’s smallest’ Electric parallel gripper handles complex movements