Drives & Controls January 2024

48 n NEW PRODUCTS n DESIGN DATA AND MULTIMEDIA January 2024 The Software Improvement Group (SIG) has collaborated with PLCopen to release the Guideline on Software Quality Metrics, which is intended to improve e ciency and cut maintenance costs for automation software. Experts from CodeSys, Schneider Electric, Tetra Pak, BHP Group and Fraunhofer IKS, among others, collaborated to categorise software quality metrics to support developers and to o‚er management data-driven insights. The guidelines include recommendations on how to use these metrics. Based on SIG’s Sigrid software assurance platform, the guidelines give insights into software quality in PLC software development practices. One user is said to have saved at least 2,000 hours of work by embedding software quality metrics. Web site reflects company’s restructuring The German technology company steute Technologies has a new 12-language Web site that reŠects its restructuring into three divisions – the result of a strategic repositioning to meet the demands of the market and provide a clearer orientation for customers. The new divisions are: Controltec, which o‚ers switches and sensors for machine and plant engineering previously supplied by the Extreme, Automation and Industrial Wireless businesses; Leadtec, o‚ering digital shopŠoor systems with its own "nexy" brand, for implementing intelligent Industry 4.0 communication networks for material Šow management; and Meditec, which develops user interfaces for medical devices. Controltec products are available at HMI resource offers a smart configurator tool EAO has launched a new Web site with a smart con”gurator tool for its HMI products that displays a comparison highlighting the di‚erences between up to 1,000,000 product variants. As well as returning content pages containing text, photos and videos, the search results also include products that can be con”gured online. Users can search by keywords, article numbers, product functions, markets and uses. The shopping basket and comparison list are always a click away, making it easy to switch between con”guring a product and getting information. Updated bearing app improves mounting practices A new version of SKF’s Bearing Assist app for mobile devices helps installers to replace bearings more accurately. It provides step-by-step guidance and an improved way to document and trace replacement bearings. A checklist ensures that each step has been completed. As well as saving time when mounting bearings, the app also o‚ers a structured process that reduces the risk of mistakes. Automation software guidelines improve efficiency and cut costs Delta Line has announced the Leo B2000 Drive closed-loop servodrive controller for servo and BLDC motors. It has been designed with e‹ciency in mind and incorporates optimised control algorithms to balance e‹ciency and performance. Available in ratings up to 2KW, the drive includes multiple communications ports, enabling a wide choice of interfacing methods. Alarm signals, digital sensors connections and external devices (such as LEDs, brakes, actuators and solenoids) can be connected via general-purpose I/O. Emerson is updating its AMS Machine Works machinery health platform, migrating to a modern condition-monitoring interface. Data from edge analytics devices can be sent to key personnel to help them identify and tackle equipment faults before they a’ect plant availability. The new version adds support for Emerson’s AMS Asset Monitor, which provides embedded, automatic analytics at the edge using a patented technology to alert personnel to the most common asset faults. It also supports open connections using the OPC UA protocol, making it easier to connect to external systems such as historians and maintenance management systems. conditionmonitoring New high-speed sinusoidal —lters for KEB’s Combivert F6 and S6 drives reduce the EMC load and increase the service lives of highspeed motors (up to 100,000rpm) from 750W–450kW. The low-loss Z2 —lters combine chokes and capacitors to o’er Ÿexibility. For individual combinations, the system is simulated and analysed on the basis of motor, —lter and system data. A new tool is being developed for KEB’s Combivis Wizard software, which will allow users to specify the required characteristics for an application so that parameters can be —lled in automatically. Contrinex has launched a range of stainless-steel-bodied M18 photoelectric sensors in addition to its existing plastic-bodied versions. The sensors, available in the UK from Plus Automation, are said to o’er best-in-class sensing distances, IOLink connections and competitive pricing. The sensors measure 37mm from their shatterproof PMMA optics to the end of the M12 connector. They resist washdown and process Ÿuids and o’er 7m sensing distances for reŸex versions, 1.2m for di’use, 250mm for backgroundsuppression and 30m for throughbeam. The stainless-steel sensors are only 6% more expensive than the plastic versions SKF has announced a wireless sensor for automated monitoring of machines in hazardous areas, which can help to predict machine failures before they escalate into serious problems. The SKF Enlight Collect IMx-1-EX sensor is part of SKF’s wireless eco-system and is Atex and IECEx certi”ed for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas. It works with the Enlight Collect IMx-1-EX gateway, which is certi”ed for use in Zone 2. The sensor has the same form, ”t and function as safe-area versions and is compatible with them, allowing users to build networks of monitored assets across both hazardous and safe areas. The sensor provides insights into asset health, including early detection of bearing damage. Like other IMx-1 sensors, the sensors create a mesh network, enabling them to relay data between one another. This allows data to be routed around obstacles such as pipes, which can block signals for line-of-sight systems. Data can also be sent further than would otherwise be possible. The new device avoids the need for costly walk-arounds in hazardous areas, improving safety and overcoming environmental and health concerns. Data can be collected from inaccessible locations, and more frequently from critical assets. SKF Wireless sensor monitors machines in hazardous areas