Drives & Controls April 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial safety, machinery safety technology stands at the forefront of innovation, shaping the future of workplace safety. The current trends in this critical eld are characterised by a blend of advanced technology integration and a proactive approach to risk management. Modern safety- eldbus connected devices are making a big impact in machinery safety by enabling devices to communicate over the machine’s existing control network, enhancing the exibility, eciency and responsiveness of safety systems at the same time drastically reducing downtime. The role of Safety Hardware The critical role of safety interlocks in machinery safety cannot be overstated. These devices serve as a fundamental component in protecting workers from potential hazards associated with operating machinery. Euchner, a pioneer in the eld of safety technology, o ers an array of safety interlocks that are emblematic of innovation and reliability in this arena. Among its standout products, the MGB2 (Multifunctional Gate Box) exempli es how Euchner's solutions seamlessly integrate into safety systems, providing not just access control, including ‘key-in-pocket’ safeguarding, but comprehensive safety and standard functions as well. Safety & Productivity Real-time monitoring capabilities represent another signi cant advancement, allowing for continuous oversight of machinery health and operational status. This not only ensures immediate detection of potential safety breaches but also facilitates predictive maintenance, thereby pre-empting accidents before they occur. These trends underscore a pivotal shift towards more integrated, intelligent, and interconnected safety solutions, driven by the imperative to safeguard lives and enhance productivity. The adoption of such advanced technologies in machinery safety not only mitigates risks but also exempli es Euchner’s commitment to fostering safer, more resilient work environments. Innovative guard locking with the compact CTS and the CTA for harsh environments Safety switches with guard locking are the key to keeping production personnel safe from harm and safeguarding processes. Transponder-coded safety switches with guard locking o er the highest safety level and are adopted by many equipment builders & OEM’s. The CTS safety switch from Euchner is the latest development in this eld. Measuring only 135 by 31 by 31 mm and featuring a locking force up to 3,900 N, plus diverse mounting options, it is versatile enough for almost any application. The CTS can be mounted in three directions to protect both hinged and sliding doors. A new, retro ttable escape release greatly expands the range of applications. As the actuator de nes the functions, the need for many di erent variants is removed. The CTA safety switch has already proven its worth time after time. Its robust metal housing and a locking force of up to 8,000 N makes it suitable for use on the heaviest of doors. O ering a high IP65/IP67/IP69/IP69K degree of protection, this switch is the perfect choice for almost any industrial use – especially if this involves a harsh, dirty environment. All guard locking devices can be connected in several di erent ways. Combining the devices with an EUCHNER IO-Link Gateway gives them the additional bene t of communicating in Industry 4.0 Ready for anything the future may bring COVER STORY High locking force, a compact design and maximum exibility are the hallmarks of the new CTS guard locking device CTA transponder-coded guard locking device in use in the harshest conditions