Drives & Controls April 2024

applications, information such as the general health of the device, the number of operations and even the control voltage can all be read from the system over the standard connection cable. One device, many applications: the CKS2 safe key system The CKS2 from EUCHNER is a new, safe key system that is simple to integrate into the overall control system and suitable for a wealth of applications. The user decides whether to use the device as a lockout system, authorisation system or key transfer system by selecting the appropriate keys and programming the control system accordingly. EUCHNER calls this versatility “FlexFunction.” Highly coded, transponderbased keys ensure the highest possible safety level. The device can be connected to IO-Link using the Gateways from EUCHNER. The CKS2 is also available as a submodule for the MGB2 Modular, which opens up a wealth of new uses for this successful door locking system. The multi-talented MGB2 Modular is now even more capable The MGB2 Modular secures safety doors and fences on machines and installations during hazardous machine movements. A modular design is the secret behind the system’s adaptability to speci‹c requirements. The MGB2 Modular consists of a locking module, plug-in submodules with control and indicating functions, plus an MBM bus module for connecting to PROFINET/Pro‹SAFE and now to EtherCAT/FSoE and EtherCAT P/FSoE as well. Two submodules let you integrate up to six di’erent controls and indicators in the locking module. All information from the connected modules comes together in the MBM bus module and is transferred to the installation’s control system. Comprehensive diagnostic and communication functions in the form of EtherCAT or PROFINET messages and the integrated web server provide a fast, detailed overview of the device status. Machinery Safety Consulting, Engineering and Training The key to a safe installation is knowledge & experience. Navigating the regulatory landscape of machinery safety is a complex but is a crucial aspect of implementing safety technology. Compliance with international standards and regulations ensures not only the safety and well-being of workers but also the legal and operational integrity of businesses. Standards, such as ISO 13849 for safety of machinery and ISO 12100 for risk assessment and risk reduction, dictate the design, implementation, and maintenance of safety measures in industrial settings. Euchner’s global team of experts help manufacturers and operating organisations meet legal safety requirements in all machine and installation life cycles. The experienced team can support customers as a full engineering services provider. Alongside design and planning, these services encompass the implementation and integration of safety solutions. Machine operating organisations in particular bene‹t from the comprehensive services for conversions, integration and retro‹tting. The EUCHNER Academy additionally provides practical training on everything relating to machinery safety. Euchner's commitment to developing safety devices like the MGB2 and CKS2 is a testament to their alignment with stringent safety standards. By incorporating such advanced safety solutions, businesses can ensure they meet or exceed the regulatory requirements, fostering a culture of safety and compliance. Moreover, Euchner's innovations often anticipate future regulatory changes, providing clients with solutions that are not just compliant today but are poised to meet tomorrow's safety challenges. This proactive approach to compliance not only mitigates the risk of penalties and operational disruptions but also enhances the company's reputation as a leader in safety and reliability in the machinery safety technology sector. For further information visit, email or call the Safety Technology Centre on +44 (0)114 256 0123. The compact CKS2 key system is available for installation in machines and as a submodule for the MGB2 door protection system The MGB2 Modular door locking system is now available in a version for connection to EtherCAT P/FSoE and EtherCAT/FSoE in addition to PROFINET/Pro‚SAFE