Drives & Controls April 2024

46 n NEW PRODUCTS April 2024 Flir has announced three acoustic imaging cameras that can detect mechanical faults, such as bearing issues, as well as compressed air leaks, gas leaks and partial discharges. The Si2Series cameras can identify issues over long distances, with high sensitivity, and classify them accurately. The 12 MPixel colour cameras are claimed to oer the best image quality on the market, with 8x digital zooms, long battery lives and LED illumination of dark areas. On-camera tools include mechanical defect measurement, classiƒcation and severity assessment of partial discharges, leak size estimation and cost analysis. Gas leakage measurements and cost estimates have been expanded beyond compressed air to include gases such as hydrogen, CO†, methane, helium, argon and ammonia. Automatic ƒltering identiƒes leaks by their sound, even in noisy environments. The three models are the: n Si2-Pro for pressurised leak detection, mechanical fault detection, and partial discharge detection with on-board severity assessments; n Si2-LD for pressurised leak detection and mechanical fault detection; and the n Si2-PD for inspecting power infrastructure, oering partial discharge detection with oncamera severity assessments. Flir www. /acoustic-imaging-cameras Acoustic imagers detect mechanical faults as well as gas and air leaks Two-in-one laser sensor detects presence and measures sizes Sick has unveiled a compressed air monitoring system that identiƒes where energy savings of up to 30% can be made by ƒxing air leaks and avoiding wastage. The Monitoring Box FTMg Premium is a scalable digital service that can reduce costly manual maintenance. The system uses data from Sick’s FTMg (”ow thermal meter for inert gases) multifunction ”ow sensors which can detect tiny changes with almost no loss in pressure as air ”ows through them. The data is shown graphically, while alarms can warn of leaks or ine–cient machine consumption. By comparing data from dierent points, machines, production lines or plants, overconsumption can be identiƒed. The service shows live values for compressed air energy in kWh. Data is presented via an app, including real-time readings of pressure, temperature, ”ow velocity, mass ”ow rate and volumetric ”ow rate, as well as total energy use, volume and mass over a deƒned period. The dashboard is said to make it easy to interpret data to detect leaks or over-consumption, and to spot changes and trends. Emails can be generated to give maintenance reminders or warnings – for example, when data strays outside set limits. Users can drill down to identify costs, for example, for production centres or for shifts. Up to eight ”ow sensors can be linked via a gateway that collects, aggregates and encrypts data, before sending it securely via the user’s IT infrastructure and a ƒrewall to the Sick cloud. Alternatively, 4G mobile communications can bypass the IT infrastructure. Sick UK Leuze has launched a compact diuse laser sensor that detects the presence of objects at the same time as transmitting measurement values. The IP69Kprotected ODT3CL1-2M sensor with background suppression uses time-of-”ight (ToF) technology to achieve an operating range of up to 2m, making it suitable for applications where long distances need to be bridged, such as monitoring the position of items, controlling robot grippers, or for quality control. The sensor’s dual role, with two independent switching points, simpliƒes procurement, installation, commissioning and operation. Built-in IO-Link can transmit measurement values and process data to a controller, making it easier to evaluate diagnostic data such as temperatures and signal quality. IO-Link also makes it easier to swap devices: settings are transferred to the new device without the sensor needing to be taught again. The sensor’s compact size (11.4 x 34.2 x 18.3mm) means it can be used where space is tight – for example, in robot grippers. A visible light spot allows fast alignment during commissioning. The operating range can be set via IO-Link. Leuze electronic 01480 408 508 New €rmware for KEB Automation’s Combivert F6 and S6 drives includes CAN crosscommunication, leading to faster, more exible communications between the inverters. The crosscommunication allows direct exchange of information and data between up to ten inverters without the data having to go via controllers or other €eldbus participants, resulting in faster data ows. In multi-machine drivetrains, the millisecond savings can be critical. The independent exchange of data also reduces the load on Ethernet €eldbuses, and allows multi-level communications to be set up in which the €eldbus slave of one system acts as the master for another. Pilz’s PNOZmulti 2 safe small controller can now be con€gured as an FSoE (FailSafe over EtherCat) master, FSoE slave and an EtherCat slave (using Version 11.3 of the PNOZmulti Con€gurator tool). Up to four master-master and up to 60 master-slave connections are possible using an EtherCat FSoE communication module, in conjunction with the PNOZ m B1 base unit. This makes it easy to implement and expand exible plant structures using a single €eldbus cable. The certi€ed safety system not only provides a high degree of safety, but also e˜ciency for plant and machinery. Digital monitoring cuts compressed air costs by up to 30%