Drives & Controls April 2024

47 April 2024 NEW PRODUCTS n Mclennan is o ering a series of two-phase, 1.8-degree stepper motors for OEM applications in Nema sizes 08–34, covering torque ratings from 32mNm to 13Nm. The family o ers extended torque performance and smooth operation for dynamic motion positioning and speed control applications. All models are o ered with four-wire ƒying leads, or can be supplied with connectors. The two smallest models o er a choice of two current ratings, while from size 14 upwards, a selection of stack lengths allow wide ƒexibility for drive and performance pairing. For motors from size 17, there is a choice of single or double shafts in each current rating, simplifying encoder and/or brake ‰tting. All of the steppers have bipolar wiring, IP40 protection and a maximum recommended temperature rise to 60°C. Mclennan 01252 531444 Moxa has announced a series of industrial-grade cellular gateways that include 5G-toEthernet and 5G-to-serial ports for backhauling Ethernet and serial tra”c to private 5G networks. The CCG-1500 gateways support the expansion of private 5G networks with features such as speeds up to 920 Mbps, ultra-low latency, enhanced security and dual SIM slots. The gateways, equipped with two Gigabit ports and one serial port, act as Armbased media and protocol converters with built-in 5G/LTE modules, providing compatibility with 5G RANs (Radio Access Networks) and 5G networks from suppliers such as Ericsson, NEC and Nokia. The DIN-rail-mounting gateways are available with IP30-protected metal housings and are suitable for outdoor use. Moxa is also offering signal amplifiers to optimise 5G connections in dense locations by providing 10–16dB of gain. The LNA-1000 low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) boost 5G signals and minimise interference, ensuring stable and efficient 5G communications. Moxa Industrial 5G gateways offer serial and Ethernet conversion Binder is offering straight versions of its 709 and 719 series connectors with a new overmoulding that supports single-handed mating and unmating, and improves resistance to contamination. The connectors with snap-in locking are characterised by high retention forces for their size, but can be mated and unmated quickly. The IP40protected 709 and 719 connectors offer a fast, secure locking system. The 3 to 5-pole connectors are available in male or female versions, with or without strain relief. They are designed for wire gauges up to 0.25mm2. Sick has added “liquid lens” technology to its smallest image-based code reader, the Lector 61X, to deliver rapid and infinitely-variable focal adjustment and an extended depth-of-field. The device can read 1D, 2D and stacked codes, even when they are low contrast, contaminated or of poor quality. It can also read direct marks on components, as well as slowly-degrading codes in handling environments. Combined with the reader’s automatic parameter-switching function, the liquid lens allows it to switch automatically between different focal points on the fly. New radar sensors from ifm electronic provide accurate distance measurements, even in rain, snow, fog and dusty conditions. The R1Dxxx and R2Dxxx sensors can detect poorly reƒective surfaces. They have long operating ranges and can be used over a wide range of temperatures. High IP ratings mean they can be used indoors or outdoors. The sensors have analogue outputs, which deliver a signal proportional to the distance, and can be con‰gured as 0–10V or 4–20mA. There are two digital outputs that can be associated with user-de‰ned distance setpoints, and an IO-Link interface. When the IO-Link port is used with ifm’s Vision Assistant software, extra functions are possible, such as showing the distance to multiple objects, displaying object pro‰les, and measuring the speed at which objects are moving. There are two versions of each sensor. The R1D100 has a 40degree horizontal and 30-degree vertical beam spread and operates at 60–64GHz, while the R1D200 has a 40-degree horizontal an 20degree vertical spread, and an operating frequency of 77–81GHz. The R2D100 has a 140-degree horizontal and 50-degree vertical spread and operates at 60–64GHz, while the R2D200 has a 140degree horizontal and 30-degree vertical spread, and an operating frequency of 77–81GHz. ifm electronic 0208 213 2222 Two phase stepper motors offer extended torque performance Radar sensors measure distances in tough conditions Belden has launched an SPE (Singlepair Ethernet) managed switch that allows users to reduce network complexity by deploying thinner, lighter SPE cables that connect via a single pair of wires rather than the two or four pairs of standard Ethernet. The Lumberg Beetle Lite switch can transmit Ethernet at least 1km, and complies with the 10BaseT1L standard for long-distance Ethernet. The IP40-protected switch can integrate sensors and actuators directly into a network without needing an extra gateway. It supports Power over Data Line (PoDL) and is claimed to simplify con‰guration and maintenance, and to reduce operating costs with fewer gateways and protocols in use. Belden 00 31 77 387 8555 SPE switch can transmit 1km using lighter cables