Drives & Controls April 2024

The Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades (AEMT) has produced a guide designed to help users of motor-driven equipment to minimise unplanned downtime. The six-page guide outlines steps to minimise the likelihood of unscheduled interruptions. It covers ve key areas: installation; routine maintenance; spares and how to store them; repairs; and condition monitoring. This last section busts several myths surrounding the topic. The guide is part of a series produced by the AEMT, which also includes a guide to motor eciency legislation, and another that looks at ways to reduce motordriven systems’ total cost of ownership. Free pump handbook is a 375-page reference work Alfa Laval has published a new edition of its Pump Handbook, rst issued 25 years ago, which has since become a reference work for „uid-handling processes. The revised 375-page handbook contains information on pump functions and guidelines for sizing and selecting the right type of pump for highest eciency. There are also sections on motors and troubleshooting, as well as technical data and formulae. The authors are pump engineers with extensive theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. The free downloadable handbook contains real-life examples, as well as videos on pump functions, troubleshooting and maintenance. Podcasts explore how engineering can build a better world DesignSpark, RS Group’s online community for engineers, has launched a series of six podcasts, called Mission Responsible, which explores how engineering can accelerate the journey towards a better world – from reducing e-waste, to growing the food of the future. Co-hosted by engineer and broadcaster, Dr Shini Somara, and physicist, Dr Simon Clark, the podcasts include one which asks whether it is time to stop buying and start repairing technologies, and another that decodes the “Internet of Skills”. mission-responsible-coming-soon-new-podcast-series eBook highlights ways to enhance productivity and efficiency Mouser Electronics, the distributor of electronic components and automation products, has collaborated with Analog Devices to produce an eBook that analyses technologies that can support sustainable manufacturing. Called Engineering a More Sustainable Future: Rede ning Industrial E ciency in the Digital Age, its explores topics related to industrial eciency, including an analysis of motor encoders, a look at SPE-based condition monitoring, and an article on temperature sensors for smart factories. mouser-adi-sustainability-ebook 48 n NEW PRODUCTS n DESIGN DATA AND MULTIMEDIA April 2024 NSK has introduced a highspeed, heat-resistant ballscrew for high-load applications, such as electric injection-moulding machines. It says that the ballscrews offer the highest levels of speed and heat resistance because of a new recirculation system and the use of heat-resistant materials and parts. The SRM (smooth return metal coupling) recirculation system tackles the challenge of high ball recirculation impact forces associated with high speeds, which can damage recirculation components and the ballscrew shaft. NSK used a digital twin to optimise the recirculation path. It says the new system o™ers smooth ball recirculation and improved heat resistance, avoiding the limits of conventional plastics. In addition, heat-resistant materials are used for the ballscrew seals and resin components. These developments mean that a d-n value (shaft diameter x rotation speed) of 200,000 is possible – 40% higher than NSK's conventional high-speed HTF-SRC ballscrews. The maximum operating temperature of 90°C and momentary maximum temperature of 100°C, are both 20°C higher than NSK's standard products. The external dimensions of the screw and nut are the same as those of the HTF-SRC ballscrews, making them interchangeable. NSK Europe 07407326874 High-speed, high-load ballscrews used digital twins to overcome challenges Fluke has announced two portable insulation resistance testers for fast, accurate testing up to 2.5kV DC. The lightweight (1.3kg) 1535 and 1537 testers deliver rapid, stable resistance measurements, allowing users to cover more applications with one tool. Resistance measurements are possible up to 500GΩ. The testers can take up to 6,500 measurements at 250V or 1,300 at 2.5kV on one set of batteries. Test voltages are user-selectable and adjustable, and a ramp function is available. Both testers comply with IEC 61557 and IEC 61010 for safety, and IEC 61326-1 for electromagnetic compatibility. Automatic PI (polarisation index) and DAR (dielectric absorption ratio) calculations can help to reduce the in„uence of environmental factors on insulation performance without needing additional set-ups. Both testers o™er Cat IV 600V safety ratings and built-in voltage alarms. The Fluke 1537 model has a short-circuit current of up to 5mA, and also allows measurements to be stored for later review or PC transfer. Fluke www.Š product/electrical-testing/ insulation-testers/ Šuke-1535-1537 Insulation resistance testers cover more applications Guide aims to cut unplanned motor downtime