July/ August 2020

HYDRAULICS The aerospace industry is certainly facing a turbulent time at present with fleets grounded for extended periods as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. With such a large investment portfolio grounded, airlines and MRO vendors must maximise this time to maintain and prepare their fleets for that time we’ve all been waiting for – the lifting of worldwide restrictions. Rocol comments that it appreciates the concern of multi- million- or billion-pound fleets being grounded. “After all, you wouldn’t leave your family car for weeks without giving it a run,” it adds. Rocol is a lubrication specialist that first supplied products to Rolls-Royce aero engines almost 100 years ago. Since that first collaboration with Rolls-Royce, Rocol has been serving the aero industry with lubricants, corrosion protection products and fluid solutions that are approved by operators like Boeing, Airbus and NATO. To ensure that maintenance repair costs are minimised and assets returned to the skies faster than ever before, Rocol has introduced its Aerospec Protect Spray. This heavy-duty waxy film spray for long-term corrosion protection is Airbus-approved and it is claimed to be the perfect partner for components in outdoor and harsh environments. Suitable for landing gear, axle sleeves, hinges and gearbox casings, Aerospec Protect spray is claimed to be temperature resistant from -40degC to +120degC. Resistant to fuel, oil, de-icer fluids and water, Aerospec Protect Spray creates a tenacious highly adhesive long-lasting film for effective corrosion protection. Military-grade corrosion preventative Complementing Aerospec Protect Spray is PX32 military-grade corrosion preventative that preserves structural members and airframes and interior surfaces such as skins, components and bare-metal features. Suitable or outdoor corrosion protection, PX32 solution is said to provide outdoor protection for up to two years in temperatures from -40degC to +110degC and is resistant to anti-icing and de- icing solutions. PX32 is resistant to removal by exterior aircraft cleaner and it does not contain silicones or chlorinated solvents. With properties similar to PX32, PX28 corrosion preventative has been adapted for the preservation of interior sections of artillery components and the underbody of military vehicles. Like PX32, PX28 gives users the confidence that surfaces are protected for up to two years. Another solution that will prove of significance to the aerospace industry is Z30, available as both spray and fluid formats in cans from 300ml or in 5 or 20-litre containers. Claimed to be perfect for protecting machinery parts and equipment from corrosion, Z30 is a heavy-duty wax film that is equally well suited to internal and external conditions. Offering unparalleled protection, Z30 can also provide a light lubricating film that protects in external environments for up to two years. www.rocol.com Rocol gets the aero industry ready for take-off 38 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS July/August 2020 www.hpmag.co.uk