July/ August 2020

HYDRAULICS Coronavirus is having a major impact on manufacturing in the UK, with production in some industries grinding to a halt due to the pandemic while others are running at full capacity to supply the nation’s essential needs, such as medical equipment for NHS frontline staff. Precision gearbox manufacturer APEX Dynamics’ fully automatic lubrication system can keep the wheels of machinery that is still in motion turning and preserve the condition of the components of equipment moth-balled until the crisis is over, avoiding unnecessary downtime and expensive early maintenance. Suitable for any motion system operating in sectors such as medical, packaging, automotive, machine tool, material handling and metal forming, smart lubrication technology available from APEX Dynamics UK reduces the inherent friction between moving components within a machine. Smart technology Smart technology controls the flow of lubricant according to the particular application need, extending the life of the components it services. Over lubricating not only contaminates the environment, but also wastes lubrication, resulting in more operating costs. Fill monitoring indicates when the reservoir needs to be replaced. APEX Dynamics comments that there are other solutions on the market, from manual lubrication, which is easily neglected, to simple spring-loaded reservoirs that have little control over the flow compared to automated pumps. APEX Dynamics’ pump not only can be used for the lubrication of rack and pinion systems, but also for linear bearings, ball screws and open gearing, as well as alternative applications where the maintenance is important and controlled lubrication is required. This fully automatic lubrication system, exclusively available in the UK and Ireland from APEX Dynamics UK, is equipped with a pump and reservoir, connectors, conduit, distribution blocks and PE pinions for a variety of applications. Technical advisor at APEX Dynamics, Eugene Detke, says: “During the current pandemic APEX has had no loss of production capability. The manufacture to stock philosophy makes APEX the only gearbox and rack and pinion manufacturer still able to deliver quickly and produce high volumes.” Supported by APEX Dynamics’ three-week or less lead times and five-year warranty, the smart lubricant pump system complements the company’s precision servo gearboxes and rack and pinion technology. Based in Uttoxeter, APEX Dynamics also supplies an entire range of related servomotor solutions, including inline and right- angle planetary gearboxes, as well as spiral bevel gearboxes for customers in various markets. www.apexdynauk.com 40 HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS July/August 2020 www.hpmag.co.uk APEX Dynamics lubricating the wheels of industry New IATF16949-certified service plugs available from Plascompo Plascompo Ltd of Sheffield has launched a new range of service plugs. Made by Caplugs and IATF16949 certified, the service plugs are designed for use with non-pressurised systems. The main purpose of the plugs is fluid containment within pipes, hoses and systems during maintenance or repair making downtime much less stressful. The concept is by no means new but manufacturer Caplugs has brought something fresh to the table with the head design incorporating a moulded hexagonal head, which allows for a better grip during installation and removal. No tools are required during installation or removal. The plugs are claimed to be ideal for use out in the field or in the workshop and are a valuable addition to an engineer’s toolbox. They are available in three sizes and are blister packed. Plascompo also offers a mixed pack. In addition, the company will soon be offering each size in bulk packs and will also sell individually. Plascompo stocks the full range alongside many other hose protection products. www.plascompo.com